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VITAMINS-B12 : Top 10 Rich Food Source For Vegan

How To Fix The Deficiency Of Vitamins B12 In Your Body?

To live a Healthy and Peaceful Life, it is most important to get enough Nutrients for your body. A deficiency of Vitamins B12 in your body happens, when your body don’t get enough Vitamin B12 from the diet you eat. If you notice a regular deficiency of Vitamins B12 in your body, then at first, make the necessary modification in your daily Diet plan.

A well Balance Food Habit will help you get necessary Vitamins. Before going for commercially available Supplements, just try to make a mild change in your Food Habit. Non Vegan Diet is a Best source of this Vitamins. But if you are a Vegan, and don’t like to consume Non-Vegan Food. Then following are the Best Source of Vitamins B12 Rich Food for you.

1. Cheese

Cheese is one of the Best Top sources of Vitamins B12. Bacteria produces Vitamin B12 and also the Cheese is made with the help of these Bacteria. Which make it a Best source of Vitamin B12 for the Vegan.

2. Milk

Milk is another essential Dairy Product required for Calcium and Vitamins B12. A 250 ml of Milk would roughly include 1.2 to 1.4 mcg of Vitamin B12. So, start drinking Milk every day to avoid this Vitamins Deficiency in your body.

3. Yogurt

More often some people love to eat Yogurt. If you are one of the among, then include this Dairy Product daily in your diet. Yogurt has High Level of Vitamins B12 and it is Good for your Digestive problems too. You can have Yogurt with Fruit and Vegetable or you can have it as a dessert.

4. Whey Powder

Whey Powder is commonly called the Protein Powder. Which is consumed for building up your body. Also, the Whey Powder is an Excellent and Best source of Vitamins B12 and it is mostly used as a Health Supplement for Fitness Lover.

5. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk can help you to meet your daily Vitamins B12 requirements. The Coconut Milk is enriched in Vitamin B12, so it is one of the Natural source for Vegans. Only just have 1 Cup of Coconut Milk, which has 50 % of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin B12.

6. Almond Milk

If you love to drink Almond Milk, then start gulping down by your throat daily. Almond Milk is low in Calories and has enough amount of Vitamins B12 content. Not only that, It is a Great alternative to Cow Milk as well.

7. Ice Cream

Almost everyone Love the Ice Cream from Children to Adult. If there is a deficiency of Vitamins B12 in your body, stop worrying and start to eat your favorite Ice Cream. Yes, the Ice Cream is also a Great source of Vitamin B12 as well.

8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the Nutritious Food with a variety of Vitamins and Minerals. If you are suffering from Vitamins B12 deficiency, then definitely include Mushrooms in you daily Diet plan. Add Mushrooms while cooking food for lunch or dinner to meet your daily requirements of Vitamin B12.

9. Soy Products

People who are Lactose intolerant can consume Soy Milk Powder. Because it is Low in Calories and also has High Vitamins B12 content. Soybeans are also a Good sources of Vitamin B12 because of having Rich Protein Content.

10. Cereal

For a daily supply of Vitamins B12, you have Cereal for breakfast. Organic Cereal are the Rich sources of Vitamin B12 and it has many Health Benefits too. You can also consume the Fortified Cereal with the Milk or Soy Milk that can help the Vegan to get an abundant amount of Vitamin B12. These are the Food that can provide enough Vitamins B12 as well as other Nutrients for your body.

NOTE : So, let them include in your daily diet.

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