Swelling/Inflammation Treatment | Cure Swelling By Natural Home Remedy - 2018

Swelling Treatment | The Way Of Natural Cure – 2018 !

Swelling or Inflammation we call it when in any part of the body such as in the Feet, in the Hands, in the Knees, in the Faces, etc, Somewhere the body gets swollen and distorted the shape of your body. I have seen that most of the older people have the Swelling problem. Swelling is a normal thing to be in our body. It can happens to anyone. But if you have Inflammation in any part of the body then you need to take some measures to correct the Swelling immediately. You should know about the Swelling Treatment and The Way Of Natural Cure.

There Are 3 Large Causes Of Swelling/Inflammation.

The reasons are, if your body is getting Swollen somewhere then you understand that there is some Infection inside your body. If there is an Infection in the entire body, then it is possible to Swell on it. If there is any infection in your Lungs, Knees, Fingers, Feet, can be anywhere in your body, it will be Swelling. Give especial attention to one thing that if your Feets are Swelling then it means your Kidney is not in good condition and gets weakens or your Kidney have problems. That is, I have to say this clearly that if your Kidney gets worse then you will be Swelling in the legs. And due to Thyroid problem, Swellings also occur. Due to the reduced amount of Potassium, your body may become Swollen. There is also another reason for Swelling in the body, if there is more water in your body then it can be Swelling. If your Kidney is not well then water will be stored in your body.

So I told you 5 Reasons which cause Swelling of your Feet. The first one is Thyroid, second one is Liver, the third  one is Kidney, fourth Potassium Deficiency and the fifth one is Body Water Retention.

So What To Do For ?

a) Improve Immune System By Improving Your Liver, Kidney And Thyroid :

There are many Natural and Ancient Remedies for Swelling/Inflammation my friends, So that you can remove the Inflammation. First of all, you have to fix your Immune System to make her strong. Now it comes to how to cure Liver, Kidney and Thyroids? For this, friends if you do Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom Pranayam, then your Liver, Kidney and Thyroid all three become cured. And those who do this 2 Pranayama, they do not have the problem of Swelling in life. It has to be done every 10-15 min daily. Also you have to keep your body fit, I mean to say that do not sit quit at home and try to be more physically active. And by doing so you can avoid all kinds of Swellings. If you spend most of the day by sitting and sleeping in the daytime then you may have the problem of Swelling. It is not a good thing to have Swelling and my friends because it can lead to many other types diseases.

b) Reduce Body Water Retention :

To Reduce Body Water Retention, you should reduce salt intake. You may have seen that the day you fasting, you get more urine and water comes out from the body. And if there is Swelling anywhere in the body, then it goes away too. And if you have more Inflammation then stop eating salt for a few days. If you consume barley, then your problem of Swelling is resolved. If you eat a Barley, by making a party, by making roti, or it can be in any form if you eat then your problem of Swelling/Inflammation will go away.

c) Tomato :

Another way to remove Swelling is Tomatoes. Friends, a substance called Lycopene is found inside the Tomato and these substances help us to remove Inflammation present in your body. So eat plenty of Tomatoes and for this, it will be better to eat cooked Tomatoes than a raw Tomatoes. You can also eat Tomato sauce available in the market. Lycopene is much higher in tomatoes, and it increases the amount of Lycopene with heat. And from which you get more benefit from it. So always try to cook Tomato and try to eat.

d) Soyabean :

Next remedy is Soybean. Friends there is abundance of Estrogen found in Soyabean, That helps us to reduce our body Swelling. So always try to eat Soybean more and more, so that you can get relief from Inflammation.

d) Green Vegetables :

Eat Green Vegetables and Leaves. Friends, if your body is getting more swollen and you want to overcome it then you should consume more green leaves.  Also reduce the consumption of fish and meat. The person who is in the last stage of his age should reduce the intake of non-veg, especially fish and meat, and should not be asked if possible. And increase the amount of green vegetables in your diet. Since the amount of Vitamin E is very high in green vegetables Vitamin E helps increase your blood circulation. As a result, you are less likely to get any kind of illness or problem. and you never face the problem like Swelling

e) Beetroot :

Another good option for Swelling/Inflammation is Beetroot. Yes my friends Beetroot is the only vegetable that can help the problem of Inflammation Because Beetroot has an Antioxidant properties that help us to remove the problem of Inflammation. And not only that, a great amount of fiber and protein is found inside the Beetroot. You can eat and drink Beetroot by making salad or juice.

f) Wheat, Bajra, Oats and Rice :

Eat Wheat, Bajra, Oats and Rice. Friends fiber proves very useful for our body, and fiber helps us to remove Swelling from our body. Therefore, Wheat, Oats, Bajra should be included in your daily diet today Because there is plenty of fiber in it.

g) Low Fat Dairy Milk or Products :

Take Low Fat Dairy Products such as Milk, Soya, Paneer daily. It is very beneficial for our body which help you to keep strong and give extra boost to your body. Dairy products also help keep our body healthy. It also fulfils the amount of protein needed in our body. At the same time, it helps to keep our skin soft and glow. These foods are very rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin A, which helps us to overcome your Swelling.

h) Garlic and Onion :

Friends, if you are experiencing Swelling, then you should consume Garlic and Onions. Garlic and Onions contains such substance which helps us to cure Swelling. You can eat Garlic and Onions any way or eat it after cooking.

i) Turmeric and Ginger :

Yes my friends Turmeric and Ginger are very useful for our body And also helps in fixing junkies like Swelling. You can also fix your Immune System with Turmeric and Ginger. Which will give your body the strength to fight with various diseases. And your body will remains Healthy, Wealthy and Fit.

j) Dry Fruits :

You should more quantity of Dry Fruits, Especially Almonds and Walnuts. Because in the nut, protein, vitamins and calcium are found in excess quantity which helps you to keep your body away from Swelling. So from today you have to eat 3-4 Almonds and 2 Walnuts in the morning and remove the problem of Inflammation of your body.

Friends, these were some Natural and Home remedies from which you can get rid of problems like Swelling. So take the above-mentioned measures from today and breathe relief.

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