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Sugar Wax : DIY Recipe For Smooth & Hair Free Skin At Home

In today’s world, who does not want to Remove Unwanted Hair from the Body. And keeping an eye on this problem, I have brought a DIY for you people. Today I want to share How To make a Sugar Wax Naturally at Home. If you familiar with Professional Waxing, then you can go for it. But do you know, how painful that can be like? I know that, when I used to get professionally waxed my Underarms Hair, and it is really very painfull guys. But here with Natural Homemade Sugar Wax, it is totally different. Because it is Organic, Natural, Powerful and Unique method of removing Underarms Hair, Back Hair, Pubic Hair, Legs and Arms Hair, Face Hair.

So I must say that If you does Waxing your Underarms or Legs with this Homemade Natural Sugar Wax right here, then it is less painful. And also a very Effective Way of Removing Unwanted Grown Up Hair from your Body. With this we will use all Natural Homemade Products with this particular Wax. Guys I noticed when I used this Sugar Wax, It prevents my Body’s Hair from growing on for a long time.

If You Want To Know How I Make This Sugar Wax Recipe, Then Please Go Throw This Tips and Tricks Below

What You Will Need For This Recipe

So the First thing we will need for this DIY is Organic Coconut Sugar. Which is the Natural ingredient and the Most essential for this Homemade Natural Wax Recipe.

The Second Ingredient is Lemon Extract or Lemon Juice, which is rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Lemon also contains the Citric Acid which is helpful in cleansing and also it regenerate the Skin by going through deep inside the Pores of the skin.

Also we need a Clip System Quality Glass Jar or Container to keep the Homemade Sugar Wax inside after making it. And a Good Quality Non-Stick Saucepan to prepare this Unwanted Body Hair removing Wax Recipe. Then we need a Spatula Stick for stirring the recipe and a Cotton Fabric Hair Removal Srip.

How To Make Sugar Wax Recipe Easily At Home

To make this recipe, first we gonna Add 1 Cup of Organic Sugar into the Saucepan. Then Add 3 Cup of Water, + 2 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice in it and give it a nice stir. Boil it for 5-7 mins, until the liquid gets Thicken Down and change into Light Brownish Colour. After that, when you achieved your desired colour of the liquid then switch off the Flame or Gas.

After all you have done, bring it down to cool for 15-20 mins until it little bit thicker than Raw Unprocessed Honey. And then transferred it into the Glass Jar. I normally leave it down for cooling to 4 to 5 mins. Remember, while at the time of filling it in the Jar, stir it firmly and continuously to prevent it from sticking.

The Way To Apply Natural Sugar Wax Home Remedies

First off all, clean the portion of the skin where you want to apply this Sugar Wax by Natural Cleansing Gel. Before doing that make sure to clean the oil and dirt if your skin have.

After cleaning with the cleanser, spread skin friendly Talcum Powder on your skin. So that the Sugar Wax stick properly and tightly with the skin. Make sure that the Sugar Wax is cool enough to go on skin to avoid burn.

You must apply Sugar Wax against the direction of Body Hair Growth. After applying this Sugar Wax on skin, keep the Cotton Fabric Hair Removal Strip over it. While applying Hair Removal Cotton Strip or Cotton Fabric, make sure that you leave space where you can easily hold while pulling the Cotton Strip.

Keep in mind that always pull out the Cotton Strip in the normal direction of Body Hair Growth, resulting to less pain. And also it eliminates hair breakage. By doing this you will see that your Unwanted Body Hair is sticking on the Cotton Fabric Strip.

You can do Sugar Wax Recipe Treatment for removing your unwanted Body Hair naturally daily or 3 Times a Week. After you have done waxing, don’t forgot to massage with the Multipurpose Organic Beauty Aloe Vera Gel or Ice Cubes absolutely all over the skin you waxed. This process will reduce Skin redness and irritation, if caused during Body Hair Waxing. Sugar Wax absolutely make your skin Super soft and Baby light.


This Sugar Wax can be used anywhere on the body (like, you can use it on your Arms, Legs, Pubic, and Underarms areas etc.). You can not face any problem while using Sugar Wax Recipe. Because it is Natural and Tested Organic Method and does not left any side effects on your Skin, even though your skin is sensitive . And also does not leave any sticky residue on the skin. Only dead Skin cells are removed.

The Natural Homemade Sugar Wax last for a Week before new Hair Growth. Also you can store this Sugar Wax in a Glass bottle and keep it in the Refrigerator for the next use. This can last for 2-3 Months. Whenever you want to use it, just you can simply put it into the Microwave to liquify it again and make it reuse.

So guys use this Natural Homemade Sugar Wax Recipe and definitely comment me in the comment box that it is helpful or not. According to me I personally try this Useful and Effective Sugar Wax Home Remedies And I thought it was really Good and Effective enough to Make Your Skin Hair Free.

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