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Unwanted Body Hair Instant Removal Natural Home Remedy

Nowadays, nobody wants Unwanted Hair on face or any body parts. Together with the girls, boys also aware and think of removing Unwanted Body Hair nowadays. So today, through this article you will find that How to get remove your Unwanted Body Hair naturally in just a few minutes. This Natural Home Remedy is very powerful and effective in respect of removing your Unwanted Hair which grows on your Face, Legs, Chest, Arms, Underarms and Private Parts instantly and permanently. Also this Effective and Natural Home Remedy helps in deep cleansing your Skin Pores, Blackheads, Wrinkles and Dark Patches.

Making Process Of Unwanted Body Hair Waxing Remedy

For practice and to apply, first of all take a bowl and add into this 2 Full teaspoon of Raw Milk with 1 teaspoon of  Unflavoured Gelatin+ 1 teaspoon of Organic Turmeric Powder + 4 Drops of Pure Rose Otto Essential Oil.(This essential oil is recommended to use on face). For other body parts skin you can use Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil. Now the next Ingredients we are going to add is Raw Organic Honey. Friends, Honey helps to detoxify your skin and remove all the Impurities. which makes your skin soft tender.

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Why We Use This Ingredients ?

First of all we use Gelatin, which is easily available in any of the grocery stores. Gelatin contains proteins and amino acid which helps in reducing the Wrinkles, Damage and Stretch marks. Giving you a faithfull lookup to your face and also it brightens your face.

Although some people does not like the smell of this Gelatin powder. And therefore we use Essential Oil. This essential oil not only removes the bad smell coming from the Gelatin, but also it treats Dry and Anti-Aging Skin effectively with some extra pampering Skin Care and Spa experiencing effects.

In this Homemade Unwanted Body Hair removal Waxing we use Raw Milk because it has some amazing Nutrients and some Immune factors such as (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, B-Complex Vitamins, Calcium, Enzymes, Immunoglobulins and Whey Proteins) to keep your skin looking younger and give a even tone to your skin. Also it reduce the appearance of Sun Tan and Oily Skin.

Points To Be Noted Before Making This Waxing Paste

Please make sure that you do not have to boil the Milk. But you have to heat it lightly. Because If you boiled the Raw Milk then it lose most of its Nutrients. And so we prefer to use it as raw.

If you use Cold Milk then it will not mix with the Gelatin well. So before mixing up Milk with Gelatin, you should slightly heat up the Milk until it mixes with the Gelatin. Means make it hot, but do not boil the Raw Milk.

To apply this soft, fluffy Unwanted Body Hair Removal Waxing paste, I recommend to use Flat and Soft Facial Brush, easily available online on Amazon. With the help of this Brush you can easily apply it on your Face and Other body part where you have got the Unwanted Body Hair growth, without engaging and mess up your hands with this sticky homemade paste.

The Way Of Using This Remedy

First Way

Friends if you are applying  or using this Homemade Waxing Paste on other body parts except your face like (Legs, Underarms, Chest) then after putting and applying this Waxing Paste on the hairy portion, put a Natural Fabric Cotton Waxing Strip quickly over it and then press it well. When the waxing paste dries up then pull the cotton strip in opposite direction of you body hair growth. You will see that the hair has come out with it.

Second Way

And if you are going to use it on your face to remove Unwanted Facial Hair then before you apply this Waxing paste mask on your facial hairy skin, make sure that you have covered your head properly. For that use or wear the suitable Hair Band or Hair Cap on your head if you can. With this, also make sure that you have washed and cleaned your Face or Hairy skin properly.

For that all you have to do is, wash your hairy body area with warm water well gently. After this wipe your Hairy body parts with warm Soft Towel. By doing in this way, will opens up all the pores of your skin that made easier for the Waxing mask to pull out all the Unwanted Body Hair, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Dark Patches from your skin and also the dirt that settle in the pores of your skin.


Now you really need to apply this Homemade paste quickly, otherwise it will dry and start hardening up. If you think that it has been tough, tight and difficult for you to apply then you can keep this past in the Microwave for about 5 sec for again retrieving its liquid pasty form as it before.

The area around your eyes are extremely sensitive. So make sure that you do not use this very close to your eyes. When you all done, after that leave it as it is for about 30 mins to completely dry up. when it dries up completely the Unwanted Hair Removal Waxing Mask shrink a little bit and also you feel like plastic when you touch your skin. Then very carefully and as fast as you can just pull out the Unwanted Hair Removal Mask at a sudden. You will see that the Unwanted Hair and Blackheads of your skin comes out with your Homemade Natural Mask.


Keep repeating this method or process until you remove your Unwanted Body Hair and get satisfied. I will assure you guys this Effective and Natural method of Unwanted Body Hair Waxing will clearly pulled out the 50% of your Unwanted Body Hair from the dense hairy body parts like (legs, chest, arms, underarms) in first attempt. This Remedial Natural Method is 100% Working and Effective. Also with this DIY your skin will feels super soft and refreshed and get fully satisfied after using like the way we told above, even only just in a single use.

When you got succeed in removing all your Unwanted Body Hair, then immediately massage your skin with some Ice Cubes. It is also called the Cold Treatment after Waxing, only just to stop it of having redness on your beautiful soft skin. Then after immediately use and apply the Best Moisturizer for your Skin.


By using this Natural Hair Removal Waxing treatment 3 times a Week you can completely get rid of your Unwanted Body Hair and Facial Hair. And not only that, you will also get instant feather smooth hair free skin effectively at home. and i am sure that this method will definitely helps you with guaranteed.

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