Supplements Powder And Diet Plan - Make Your Body In Just 7 Days.

Supplements Powder And Diet Plan – Make Your Body In Just 7 Days.

Friends, these articles are very beneficial and essential for those people who go to regular gyms, do heavy workouts and sweats to make their body. They take out there precious time to make a body. Nowadays, most people use a lot of supplements to build a body. Of Course you can make shapely body by the ready made supplements available in the market. But also you may have to suffer its far-reaching consequences. Ready-made supplements found in the market are so expensive that most people do not even like to buy it or they don’t able to buy.

So Let Us Know How To Make Protein Supplement Powder Easily At Home.

You will need some items and ingredients to make a organic protein powder supplement at home. Take 100 gm of Almonds, 100 gm of Walnut, 50 gm of Barley and Oats, 50 gm Milk powder, 100 gm roasted Groundnut, 2 teaspoon Chia Seeds, 100 gm of Pumpkin Seeds, 5 Cardamom (Elaichi) for taste. Grind all these ingredients well and make a powder. Then at last add and mix well 1 teaspoon Ashwagandha Powder with it. Now your Organic protein supplement is ready. You can store it in a air tite container.

Know How To Take This Organic Protein Supplement.

Take 3-4 tsp of Organic Protein Powder and mix well with a Glass of Warmed Milk. You can also mix Jaggery for sweetness and taste. Now you can drink it. Careful my friends, you only drink it after Gym. So this is you home ready supplement protein powder.

Diet Plan For Bodybuilding And Know What Is It.

Most people who go to the Gym do not able to take a good diet. And because of this, the weight and body of those people does not increase. And the growth of your body stops. Because during workout the gap between the muscles increases, due to which the protein particles present in it break out. If the protein is not taken at the time, then the muscle can not repair and as a result it becomes weak.

To recover the muscles and increase the size of the muscles, after workout, it is important to have Protein, Fat, and Calories in our body. And for that we have told you, how to make supplement protein powder at home. The above told Organic and Natural Supplement Protein Powder contains Protein, Fat, Calorie, Fyber, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Tryptophan, Vitamin, Minerals and many such nutrients are also present. And this is all you need for your body after the gym.

Friends, it is also very important to take a good diet with this. Right now, we are telling you such a diet plan that if you follow once, then you will increase with 4 kg weight guarantee within 1 week. And this diet plan has not failed till date. And I can say this with the claim. because we have test it in our own .

Friends you have to take protein powder after workout. With it take Milk, Bulgur (Dalia) and Dry Fruits at 6.30 am. At 9.00 am take 4 Brown Bread Slice, Peanut Butter and 1 Glass of Banana MilkShake. At 1.00 pm take 4 Chapati, Rice, Salad and one Cup of Yogurt. Again at 4.00 pm take 4 Brown Bread Slice, Peanut Butter and Banana MilkShake. At 7.00 pm take Orange Juice and Cheese (Paneer}. At 9.00 pm take 4 Chapati, Ghee and Salad. At 10.00 pm take 1 glass of milk and soaked Almonds.

Friends, if you really want to build your body then Look at the measures mentioned in this article for only 7 days and the result will be in front of you. Now there is no need to be frustrated about making your body. These Organic Natural Home Remedy Will Help You to Success Your Goal. Because this is the remedy we have tried on many gym people and we saw the positive result of it.

So this is a great plan to build a great body. If you take these diets then I can say with the claim that in just 7 days, you will easily increase your weight by 4-5 kg. This is a tried end plan, which is surely make your body.

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