Pregnancy Care General Information Upto 9 Months.

Pregnancy Care General Information Upto 9 Months.

Friends, today I want to give some Important and Pregnancy Care General Information For Pregnant Women Upto 9 Months. information to the people So that you can take care of yourself during Pregnancy and also take care of your Unborn Baby. Know more about the Pregnancy. You can also know about the How A Women Can Take Care Herself During Pregnancy Period/Time – A Brief Documentary.

Pregnancy Care – 1st Month:

When a woman is pregnant, in this first month she can do all kinds of work in the house as she used to do before. In the First Month of Pregnancy you should do work like Exercise, Running and yoga, everyday in the morning . Due to Exercise in the morning you will get and inhale Fresh Oxygen which would be good for developing your embryo in your womb. If your are in the first month of pregnancy, consult your doctors first.

Pregnancy Care – 2nd Month:

When the woman enters the second month of pregnancy, then she should do the everyday work whether in home or outside in the same way as she did in the first month. But keep in mind that in this month, heavy lifting should be reduced. And start eating more and more iron contained food. In this month you need to be more vigilant than the first month.

Pregnancy Care – 3rd Month:

In this month you should be serious about your health. In this month, you have to do light and strain free Exercise and Yoga. You should ask for exercise you should do in this period to your doctors. Try to avoid heavy lifting of goods. Do not bother and hurt your body at this stage. Do whatever you want to do but do not do the hard work that works.

Pregnancy Care – 4th Month:

Pregnant woman needs more rest in this month. You have to increase your water intake from this month. By doing this, you and your unborn baby will be in good health. In this stage pregnant woman should listen and hear knowledgeable things. Try to eat Nuts which will helps to increase the memory power of your baby.

Pregnancy Care – 5th Month:

In this month, pregnant women should not do any standby work. You should walk carefully in this month and reduce the use of stairs. Start eating green vegetables, dry fruits, sups, orange juice, and dove water. It will generates sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in your body and you feel energetic. Start reading books and make habits in your daily life.

Pregnancy Care – 6th Month:

Pregnant women should walk and move slowly this month. Must not travel in this month anywhere for your safety reasons. In this month, you should try to keep your body cool. You should start taking special care and attention from this month. Do not do such things so that you get sick. If possible, show the doctor once.

Pregnancy Care – 7th Month:

In this month you should control your food and on eating habits. In this month you should eat only food and drink which is recommended by doctor, physician or experts. Avoid fast foods, oily foods, fatty foods, spicy foods from this month. Do not eat or drink too hot and too much cold. Stop working by leaning downwards. Try to do rest and sleep more.

Pregnancy Care- 8th Month:

Pregnant women need to be careful and cautious in this month. In this month you should do a very light exercise and do household works. You should start eating more and more organic food and let’s take more rest. Do not get outside open under the direct sun. Try to keep yourself under the shed always. Stop bending downward form this month. Always try to keep yourself straight.

Pregnancy Care- 9th Month:

You do not work much in this last month of pregnancy and do not sit for long anywhere because results in stopping your blood circulation in your body. And which will even sometimes cause swelling. Do not do any such thing by mistake so that the newborn is proven harmful to unborn baby. In this month start eating more and more juice or fluids of fruit and green vegetables.

I hope that after this information, you must have learned something.

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