Organic Healthy Foods For Weight Loss | Top 12 Way Explained !

Organic Healthy Foods For Weight Loss | Top 12 Way Explained !

In today’s part-time world, people have to spend most of their time outside like college, office, school etc. And in this situation people can not take care of their health. And so I have brought for all these people a unique way and that is – Organic Healthy Foods For Weight Loss and in this Top 12 Way Explained.

Most of you people give this exquisite that because we spend most of our time just outside and so we can not take care of our health. Due to not getting much time to eat at home, we eat something out of the house. And it is not too possible to make something Organic Healthy Foods everyday that can run all day. And therefore people eat only what they find easily outside or anywhere on the street.

But if I tell you that there is such a lot of thing there, Which you can buy and take ready made from the market Or can easily make it fast at home and take it in tiffin. And the Organic Healthy Foods that you make at home to take as a tiffin, with this your stomach will be full all time. And also help in keeping you Healthy and Fit. And at the same time, it will also help in your Weight Loss too.

Organic Healthy Foods is very important in our lives. And therefore this article is not for people who just want to Lose Weight. Rather it is also for those people who want to keep themselves Healthy and Fit and want to live a Healthy Lifestyle. And also to avoid unwanted diseases caused by eating Unhealthy Foods.

Let’s Know What To Do For ?

Friends, first of all make rules that you have to eat something a little bit every 2 hours. And whatever food you eat should be healthy. You have to take 3 big meals in a day And try to take light meal. Do not take too much heavy meal, i.e Breakfast, Lunch and Diner. And between this 3 big meals, try to take 3 small meals

Friends if you think that you gain weight by eating 6 meals a day, then this theory of yours is wrong and it is not so. If you eat Organic Healthy Foods in a regular intervals then you will not feel hungry fast. And as a result you will avoid eating junk foods and snacks. You will not even eat extra calories and your increased weight gradually decreases and will automatically maintain your body.

All the big movie stars and celebrities who have been so sure of their health also have the same secret which have told above. They used to eat some light Organic Healthy Foods in every 2 hours. And that’s why they address  and maintain themselves so much in a better way. These people also stay out of the house most of the time but still they takes full care of their eating habits.

Organic Healthy Foods Quick Look Up.

1) Dry Fruits :

First comes Dry Fruits. Dry Fruits are very beneficial for your health. It is easy to carry and does not even get worse and rotten. It also gives you instant energy and your weight does not grow too much. You should eat at least 5 Almonds/Cashew Nuts/Walnuts everyday. And if you eat soaked Almonds then it’s even better. Otherwise you can take it by packing like this as usual. Whenever you feel hungry among meals or hungry in the evening then you can eat Nuts. Apart from this you can also eat Groundnut. This is a very Healthy Diet. But keep in mind that they should be without fried and without salt.

2) Yogurt/Curd :

If you eat Yogurt then it’s a good thing. You can easily make it at home too. Or even you can buy it from the market. This will be easily available to you anywhere. You can take it with your meals or after eating. Because Curd also enhances the taste of your food also And also it keeps your digestive system sound.

3) Sandwich :

We all like sandwiches and also love to eat Sandwich. In the name of Sandwich, water starts flowing in our mouth. But you have to take care of one thing that don’t eat too much Sandwich that are available in the market. You can also make Healthy Sandwiches from your canteen or you can take it from your home. Try to take and eat multigrain bread or which made up of wheat. On top of the bread you can topped the Salad such as Onion, Capsicum, Tomato, Cucumber etc.

Keep in mind that it does not use ghee, butter or cheese on the Sandwich. Because is sometimes fine, but eating it every day can spoil your health. You can also put green chutney in the topping with salad. Such as Coriander Leaves, Garlic, Lemon and Green Chillies. This will make your Sandwich very tasty. There is another option besides and that is any pulse made in your house or made of Healthy Vegetable You can also eat sandwiches of that by making it.

4) Boiled Eggs :

Boiled Eggs is a very good option for friends who are non-vegetarian. You can take 2 boy’s eggs in breakfast or in the middle of your meals. You do not have to take more than this. You can also eat boiled egg with Indian Chutney, Or smash the boiled egg and then add finely chopped onions and green chilies in it can be eaten together. And believe me, it sounds like a lot of test in this way.

5) Salad :

It sounds very boring to hear Salads. And most people do not even have the desire to eat Salads. They do not like to eat Salad. And so many people do not even eat salad.But you can make it interesting and tasteful too. Friends, I will tell you how to make a salad. If you make salads, like I said you will love salad. It also keeps your stomach filled and your health also gets Health Benefits by eating Salads.

In this you can mix Cucumber, Tomato, Radish, Carrot, Onion, Black Pepper, Beetroot, Coriander leaves, green chilies, corn granules, Boiled chickpeas, Lemon and Mustard or Olive oil, chop them all together and mix them well. And your Delicious Salad is ready to eat. Friends, if you eat these salads, you will never say that I do not like salad and I can say with claim. If you want then you can take and eat this Salad with Breakfast of Lunch.

6) Paneer :

Paneer is also a high protein food which gives instant energy to your body. Paneer is definitely expensive but it is a healthy diet. It’s even better to eat Paneer than that of expensive foods available in the market that only results in harm your body. You can eat Paneer in any way. You can eat Paneer by adding black pepper and salt on it and it will looks great and your health will also be fine. And if you are more hungry then you can also eat Cheese with Sandwich together.

7) Snacks :

If you work in the office, you should keep your handy Snacks. In spite of eating Biscuits, Salty Mixture or Chips keep some healthy snacks with you to eat. Nowadays, there are many healthy snacks available in the market. Like Sugar Free Biscuits, Oats Biscuits, Fried Gram without oil Or you can also keep roasted Makhana And can eat in between meals. These Healthy Organic Snacks are very good for health.

8) Green Tea :

Friends, at least once in the day you drink Green Tea. More than half of your illness can be cured just by drinking Green Tea but only Organic Green Tea. One thing is to be careful that while making Green Tea, do not boil it too much. Otherwise it will be bitter then. To make Green Tea, first of all boil the water. After this, add Organic Green Tea to it and keep it in 5 min. Now your Green Tea is ready to drink. Now after 5 min, it has to be filtered and consumed. Green Tea is better than your regular tea. However, the Green Tea taste slightly bitter. And that’s why everyone does not like this. So you can also add Honey and Lemon in it to drink.

9) Seeds :

Many types of Seeds are also very important for our health, whom we should eat everyday. This is not a new thing for us. People are eating seeds from the century. But today’s generation have not so much time to peel seeds. And for that so many readymade packets are available in the market, where you can see different variety of seeds are available. Like Basil seeds, Chia seeds, Muskmelon seeds, Flaxseed etc. These seeds are available in both the forms – roasted and plane. You can keep these too And you can eat these Seeds every day instead of Snacks.

10) Coconut/Dove Water :

Coconut/Dove water is like a boon for our health. If you drink Coconut/Dove water at least 3 times a week then as soon as your good health is concerned, your skin will also glow. If you go anywhere, you can drink Coconut/Dove water during your journey. In the summer it will also save you from dehydration.

11) Fruits :

Some fruits are such that you can easily eat while traveling. Like Apple, Banana etc. Banana contains calorie but its better to eat banana rather than junk and readymade foods in the street or market. You can also eat Watermarks, Orange, Papaya etc. Actually you can eat any fruit. Fruits have always been beneficial for our body. Hence do not hesitate to Fruits. Better to eat seasonal fruits always. The more Fruits you eat, the more better will be.

12) Water :

Friends, we all know that our life is incomplete without Water. So try to drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day. If you want to reduce your weight quickly then drink hot water, and that too in empty stomach in the morning. Drink a little bit of water consistently all day long. Water helps us to remove and get out of toxic from our body. And keeps the Moisture in your body. So never forget to drink water.

So far, you may have come to know that you can take care of your health even after staying out of the house all day. Eating unhealthy food is our choice not helplessness. So avoid and keep distance from unhealthy foods. And always try to eat Organic Healthy Foods. And it’s not that you do not have any option. You have many option of eating Organic Healthy Foods. Now you have to choose that what is best for you.

If you eat the foods mentioned above in our stated way then you will remain Healthy definitely. And also you can able to reduce your increased body weight too. That’s why I say – Eat To Lose Weight.

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