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Onion Hair Oil : DIY For Hair Growth And Preventing Hair Fall

Today in this article I am gonna show you How To Make Onion Hair Oil easily at home. This is highly requested Hair Oil related topic. Because I have received so many comments and request from you guys. I wanna tell you that Last month I made and tried this fully Natural Hand made Onion Hair Oil. And I can say with this claim that this effective scalp friendly Onion Hair Oil is very good and beneficial for your Dry Scalp and Hair.

Ingredients Used In Onion Hair Oil Recipes

The First One

All you need just 3 Ingredients. I have made use of Onions to make this Hair Oil. Which will make your Hair Grow and preventing your Hair Fall as well extremely fast. It may sounds strange to hear that we made use of Onions, which has bad and strong pungent smell as well. But the interesting thing is that Onions are so good for hair as it is capable of removing all the complaint and problems related to your hair. Onion Juice helps to improve Scalp, Blood Circulation which in term contribute your Hair Growth. If you are looking for rapid Hair Growth and want to prevent Hair Fall. Then you have to add Onions while making this Hair Oil.

The Second One

The Second Ingredients we use here is Curry Leaves. Because these leaves are so good for your Hair Growth, Dry Scalp and preventing Hair Fall. It will also helps to make Hair Texture healthy. If you don’t have Curry Leaves, then you can buy it easily from amazon online. From here you will get this Curry Leaves in the form of Curry Leaves Powder. Click on the highlighted link above given in the description to get this products or items easily. In India generally we use Curry Leave in our food. Curry Leaves are good source of protein and Beta-Carotene. Both of which prevents Hair Loss, Hair Fall, Hair Damage, Hair Breakage and Rough Hair.

The Third One

The Third Oil we use is the Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed). This Ancient Natural Hair Oil is also helps to reduce Hair Fall, Dry Scalp, Dandruff, etc. If you are suffering from Hair Breakage or Dry Hair, then the Raw Coconut Oil helps to prevent it. It also add Shine and Softness to your Hair. In India, its very common to use the all Natural and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair.

The Fourth One

And the Fourth Ingredients is the All Natural and 100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil, which is the most powerful Ingredients used in this Homemade Onion Hair Oil. The Rosemary Essential Oil especially helps to prevents your Scalp from Dandruff, Dry Scalp and Fade and Rough Hair, Stops Hair Fall and start Hair Growth. Also the Rosemary Essential Oil helps to change the bad smell coming from Onions into good one.

Process Of Making Secret Onion Hair Oil Recipes

Step One

To make this Effective and Organic Onion Hair Oil Home Recipe first you need 500 ml of Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil. Then after you have to peel Onion and chopped them into small pieces. Now when you have done, keep the Onion in a separate All Time Mixing Bowl and keep them aside. The last Ingredient which you need is the Curry Leaves. For that you need one extra bowl to keep Curry Leaves.

Step Two

Combination of Coconut Oil, Onions, Rosemary Essential Oil and Curry Leaves is simply a great Hair Tonic.

So poured 500 ml of Coconut Oil into the Hard Anodized Saucepan. Put this saucepan over the High Flame to heat this Coconut Oil. As soon as the first boil comes up, starts adding Curry Leaves and later add chopped Onions. You might see this while bubbles coming out from the saucepan while heating up the Coconut Oil. At this time take a spoon to mashup and mix all the ingredients well.

Step Three

After 40 mins remove the Saucepan from the heat and allow it to cool down. Then cover the Saucepan from the top and keep it aside for 7-8 hour. Now its time to pour the oil. Poured the oil in a clean vessel or container by filtering it with a Cotton cloth. And then add 3 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil into per 10 ml of Homemade Hair Oil And that’s it, your Homemade Onion Hair Oil is ready for use.


Combination of Coconut Oil, Onions, Rosemary Essential Oil and Curry Leaves is simply a great Hair Tonic. This Oil can stay up to 5-6 months. I use this Oil daily. You can use this Oil after bath or at night before going to bed. Gently apply this Oil on your Lifeless Hair. I normally apply this oil before going to bed at night and used to wash it next day.

To remove this oil you need Herbal Protein Shampoo for hair. But before you use this shampoo don’t forgot to add 10-15 drops of of Rosemary Essential Oil into your herbal protein shampoo. And once you wash with your normal shampoo the bad smell will go away immediately.

I hope this article was helpful for you and now there is no need to buy those Expensive Hair Oil. Now you can also make DIY Onion Hair Oil at home very easily with this home remedy. If you have any question regarding this DIY Onion Hair Oil home remedy then always feel free to comment me in the comment box below this article. And with this let me know and discuss your problems. I will defiantly answer your question.

Guys I am supper happy to share this awesome Onion Hair Oil DIY with you.

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