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NOSE BLEED : Proper Treatment Home Remedies

The Inner Nose, which is an extremely sensitive part of the body has lots of tiny Blood Vessels. When the Nose is picked with sharp Nails or an injury occurs otherwise. These Blood Vessels tend to rupture, causing Bleeding. Several other reasons can cause Nose Bleed, namely dry air, excessive sneezing or Nose Blowing, high altitudes, and even too much of Alcohol and Smoking.

Though anyone can get Nose Bleeds, they mostly happen in children and the elderly. However, there is no need to panic, as simple measures can control a Nose Bleed, and it is not really a serious problem.

Remedy 1

Take a Small Thin Towel and rubs some Ice Cubes in it. Sit upright, and place this ice pack over the bridge of your Nose. Leave this for about 10 minutes and repeat this several times until your Nose Stops Bleeding.

Remedy 2

Sit straight and tilt your head forward slightly. Using your thumb and index finger, gently press the soft part below the bony bridge. Do this about 8-10 minutes, while breathing through your mouth. Gently release the pressure, and sit still for another 5 minutes. Do this at short intervals till the Nose Bleed stops.

Remedy 3

Take a glass of Lukewarm water. And into this add 2 teaspoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix this well and have this 2-3 times a day for effectively stopping the Nose Bleed.

Remedy 4

Cut a thick slice of an Onion. Place it under your Nose and inhale it. The strong and pungent smell of the onion helps to clot the blood. In extreme dry weather, keep the Inner Nasal Membranes moist to avoid Nose Bleed and remember to never lie down or tilt the head back during a Nose Bleed, as this could choke you. Keep do take care of yourself and live fit and healthy.

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