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Nail Care : Beautiful Nails Natural Home Remedies

Many of us like to maintain Long Growing Nails, but very few people feels that Nails are also need to be nurtured. Especially the girls are very aware of Nail Care. Because the Nail Care enhances the Beauty of a person. Often it has been seen that our nails are sometimes broken very easily, because of our negligence. Broken Fingernails really looks bad. But the breakdown of your Nails is sometimes caused due to the Deficiency of Iron in your body.

Try this simple Nail Care Home Remedies for your healthy nails.

Remedy 1

For your Nail Care, the first and the most important thing is that, try to keep your Fingernails always Dry and Clean to prevent the bacteria to be formed beneath the nails.

Remedy 2

Take about 250 ml of water, which is about 1 Cup and add 1 Tablespoon of Fresh Organic Lime Juice. Now soak your Fingernails in this solution for 2 to 3 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and then dry it well and with it, also  remember to moisturize it as well.

You can do this Effective Homemade Tricks with your Toe Nails as well. This Nail Care Natural procedures not only keeps your Nails healthy, but also removes Nail Stains. In this way you can maintain your Nail Care.

Remedy 3

Take some warm Organic Mustard Oil and soak your Toe Nails and Fingernails in it for about 10 minutes. Now gently massage each Finger and Toe to remove the excess oil for extra Nail Care. Make this a daily Nail Care routine to ensure Healthy and Beautiful Nails.

Remedy 4

At last take some freshly squeezed Lime Juice. And with a small Cotton Ball, gently scrub your Finger and Toe Nails. Wash it and dry it thoroughly. This DIY Nail Care practice in fact make your nails even more stronger.

Keeping eye on the Nail Care practice, do not bite either the nails or the surrounding delicate skin, which could lead to infection. Cleaning under the nails with anything sharp, or trying to cut the cuticles can also lead to infection. When cutting your Toenails, make sure to trim right across. Filling your Toenails in a curved way could lead to painful ingrown Nails.

Finally include foods like Beetroot, Spinach, Nuts and Dry Fruit to your diet very frequently to give the right nutrients to your Soft Nails and to promote your Nail Care. Pamper your Nails, and watch them grow Healthy and Luster.

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