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Bones – Make Your Bones As Strong Like Steel

Friends, today we have come up with an important and great Home Remedy for you. By which you can make your body strong and steely. Here you will be able to know that how to make your bones as strong like steel. Yes you heard right. We all know that Calcium plays a key role in the structure of bones. And Calcium deficiency leads to many diseases in the bones. Like your muscles get tensed and stretched and Joint Pain.Due to calcium deficiency, pain in the body persists. Friends, many such diseases start to be caused by calcium. And thus nowadays maximum person is battling from bone weakness. This problem is more common in women.

Now, read this article very carefully Now I’m going to tell about such a trick, using which will remove the Calcium deficiency in your body. And your bones will become like steely.

Friends, you will need these materials to make this Organic Home Remedy. For that you have to arrange 1kg of Turmeric and chuna. Now know about the method of making it. First of all take some White Lime (Calcium Oxide or Quicklime) pieces (which is used in wall’s white washing) in a soil pot. Then after add water or pour water into the soil pot so that the Lime (Calcium Oxide or Quicklime) completely able to submerge in it. When water get in contact with the Lime (Calcium Oxide or Quicklime) then due to the chemical reaction it starts to boil. When you will see that the water acquired normal temperature then you add Turmeric pieces to it. After that mix well with some wooden stick. And then leave as it is this for at least 2 months. You have to pay attention that the water present in the pot has not dried. Add water before drying.

When 2 months are completed then the Turmeric which you had soaked with Lime (Calcium Oxide or Quicklime), take it out and wash it properly. And then dry and grind to make powder of it. What else? Your Organic Home Made Medicine is ready to use. Now, keep it in a glass vessel.

Now Know About The Method Of Consuming It.

Adult person can take 3 gm of this Organic Home Made Medicine, And then mix it with lukewarm milk and take it twice a day after eating it. For Children, you have to take 1-2 gm of this Medicine.

Now know about its benefits. Malnutrition, Disease Or Due to the irregularity of food, the calcium deficiency in the body is recovered very quickly. And the pain that remains in the body gets cured. This claim works as a bones tonic for the growing children. Helps in growing the height and is also profitable.

If your broken bones is not joining. Or if there is pain in the knee and waist So by using this Home Remedy with other medicines, will give you good and satisfactory results. Only you have to be careful about one thing that the people who have stone in the stomach Or have the problem of the stone. They should not use or drink this medicine at all.

So friends this is very special and important information that made our body bones strong and steely. By consistent and proper use of this method, you will gets its result after 15 days. And within 2 Weeks your bones would becomes more stronger than before. So, start trying this Organic Home Remedy from today and boost your bones. The more your bones will be stronger, you will be strong as.

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