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Liver Syrup – Amazing Ayurvedic Cleaner Home Remedies

Friends today we will know about How To Make Amazing Ayurvedic And Organic Cleaner Liver Syrup and Tonic easily at home. And also about some easy and effective Home Remedies for cleansing the frozen dirt in Liver.  After this we will know about how to use this Liver Syrup and Tonic. By using this stated Ayurvedic and Organic Liver Syrup and Tonic once, you can get and make your liver total Clear, Toxin Free, Strong and Healthy as before.

Human Liver

To keep Liver in good condition, first you have to know about the liver anatomy and the functions of the liver. The Human Liver is one of the critical part of the body. The main Liver Function is to Digest the food with the help of elevated Liver enzymes. Which helps in the formation of Blood and also to supply energy to the body. Without Liver a common man cannot survive.

Know About The Liver Damage Problem

This Liver Syrup Home Remedy is also effective in all types of Liver related problems and other Illnesses. Liver damage can affect our health badly. The food you ate would not digest properly if your liver is not good and healthy.  By which food elements juice will not be converted into blood. And as a result your health will constantly get spoiled and you will not feel any work.

If this situation stay for long time then you may have to suffers from Jaundice, Hepatitis B, C, etc like fatal diseases can be born. So always to keep Liver clean we must do some measure. Friends, there is some reasons to have disease in our body. If we know the cause and reason of any disease for treatment then in that case, whatever the medicine we would consume, the drug shows its effect with double speed.

Liver Failure Symptoms

There are many reason of Liver damage symptoms. Such as Fatty Liver, Liver Pain, Liver Cirrhosis, Liver Failure, Enlarged Liver, Liver Enzymes. These are the signs of  liver failure. For better liver function, high liver enzymes should be necessary. We must do liver function test, like Liver Biopsy to examine the symptoms of Liver problems or Liver damage symptoms.

Cause Of Liver Problem

So, first of all, we’ll know about the cause of the problem in Liver. Friends, do you know? what such things we consumed, due to which we have to deal with such a problem. The reason for liver failure is to eat more Oil or Oily Food, Drink lots of Wine or Alcohol, Excessive consumption of Junk Food and Fast Food, etc. And there are many other reasons why our Liver is bad.

However, many people know the reason for the Liver’s malfunction. Still people do not pay attention to it. But when the lever starts to get worse then nobody knows what signs show up in our body. Those people who think that the problem of Liver occurs only by drinking Alcohol, they all think wrong my friend. And therefore it is called  nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Also it is caused due to the deposition of fat in the Liver.

We will tell you a test so that you can find out that whether your Liver is really weak/bad or not. Friends, any disease or sickness, never comes before without any warning. If needed, only to understand that warning and to be careful. So always be careful and alert.

So let’s know about the signs and warning through which it can be ascertained whether you have a Liver problem or not.

If there is information about the symptoms of a disease then it is advisable to treat the disease at the right time and eliminate it. If any of the following mentioned symptoms appear then understand that your liver is not in good condition. In this situation, don’t do any negligence by mistake and first of all, do test and checkup your Liver by Doctor or well known Physician.

Friends, if the Liver is not functioning properly, then your mouth will get smell. And this is happens due to the leaking of Ammonia in large quantity from our mouth. Excessive Fatigue, Skin rigidity, Dark Circles around Eyes, the Skin becomes thorny and lifeless. White Spots are sometimes seen on the Face. Which is also called Liver spots. Urine color change. If you always does yellow or green piss, and if there is a Hair problem too then your Liver is in worst condition. These are the causes which sometimes result of the Liver malfunction.

List Of Some Major Problems

If you suffers from Jaundice, Do not feel Hungry, Formation of Gas in Stomach. Or If the problem like dysfunction is continuously happening then It is also considered to be a symptom of Liver Malfunction. Along with this, there is also Burning sensation and  Heaviness in the chest. Bad Taste, Do not desire to eat anything, These are the symptoms of liver deformity. Due to the weakness of the Liver, excessive Ammonia begins to Smell the Mouth.

Sometimes the size of the Liver increases due to swelling in the Liver. At the same time our size of the Stomach also increases. If this is the case, do not mistaken to understand it as obesity. In this situation, you should immediately consult a good doctor. So friends were some signs that you can easily find whether you have Liver problems or not.

Ingredients Used In This Liver Syrup

So now know that which ingredients should be consumed to make the liver Clean, Healthy and Strong. By using it once  you can make your liver clean and strong for lifetime. And the ingredients are Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Turmeric, Ginger, and Black Salt.

Important Benefits

Friends, because of the high amount of Potassium contains in Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri) leaves about 0.83%, this is very much neutral. It automatically grows in the Shrub. Often it is also grown in the house pots. You can also plant it in your pot. Friends, it helps to wash out all the toxicity of our body. It is also used for the treatment of Body Internal Injury, Swelling and Fractured Bones.

This all in one Herbal Liver Syrup and Tonic does not allow worms to grow in the Stomach. Also it strengthens and make the Liver young. This amazing Liver Syrup is very much beneficial and useful for Anemia, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, Dysentery, Hepatitis, Stomach Tumor etc.

How To Make Liver Syrup – The Process Of Making

First Remedy

Friends to make this Nectar Liver Syrup and Tonic Drink, take and extirpate 1/2 Kg of Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri) Plant with its whole roots. Then wash well with water so that the soil gets out. Now you take 3 liters of Water in the Pressure Cooker and into this add already gathered ingredients such as (Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri), 1 teaspoon of Turmeric, 1 teaspoon of dry Ginger Powder and Black Salt for taste). Now cook it on the low flame and then turn off the gas after 3 whistles of  your Pressure Cooker. Once cooled, filter it out. And then fill it in the glass bottle and keep it in the fridge. Friends, you can keep this Liver Syrup Tonic Drink for 1 Week, it will not be expired. So now your Panacea Liver Syrup Tonic Drink is ready to use. And by which you can overcome any problem of your Liver very easily.

Know How To Make Use Of First Remedy Homemade Liver Syrup

First of all, take 1/2 a Cup of this Homemade Liver Syrup and add 1/2 Glass of Papaya Juice in it. And then drink it 2 or 3 times a day. Friends, the effect of this Herbal Liver Syrup Drink is so much that it will affect and show you positive result after 1 Day. If you drink this Liver Syrup for 1 Month, then your Liver will be healthy for 1 Year. And you will not have any problem related to the Stomach. Your digestive system will be very strong. Which will make your food digested very quickly. And you will be Healthy and Fit. You will also be able to get rid of Complex Diseases such as High Blood Pressure.

Friends, if you consume this Medical Liver Syrup Drink for any other disease like Jaundice then It has to be doubled and taken 3 times a day. Along with this, the consumption of Salad, Green Vegetables and Fruits should be increased. The use of fruits like Orange, Papaya, Watermelon and Pumpkin strengthens the Liver.

Second Remedy

Friends for the second remedy we need Black Salt, Green Coriander Leaves, Gourd (Lauki), Turmeric Powder and Giloy Juice. First of all make paste of Green Coriander Leaves and take out the juice from Gourd (Lauki). After all its done, mix all the ingredients and blend it in the Best Mixer Grinder/Blender to make Liver Syrup Drink or Juice. Friends this wonderful drink is beneficial and helpful to fix your liver problem. Take 1 Coffee Mug of this drink at morning in empty stomach. Friends, daily use of this drink will also keep you energetic throughout the day.

NOTE : Except this Natural and Herbal Home Remedy you can also buy this recommended Best Herbal Liver Capsule for you Liver better performance from Amazon.

Friends, if you got benefited by our Liver Home Remedies, then please definitely comment us.

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