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Lemon Fruit (Citrus) Top 17 Multiple Health Benefits

Today we will talk about the Benefits of Lemon Fruit (Citrus). With this we will also talk about the Ayurvedic Benefits of Lemon. Although Lemon is an integral part of every kitchen. As you all know, Lemon is a Miraculous Fruit. Every part of it can be used. There will hardly be a house, where the Lemon is not used. Whether it is Eastern Culture or Western Culture, it doesn’t matter. Because we all need Lemon Fruit and therefore we use it. It is full of Antioxidant property, which helps us to Cure from many Diseases.

We use Lemon Fruit in many different ways. Like it is used in Salad or in the preparation of Vegetables to increase the test of the Food. But do you know that it is extremely Beneficial and Fruitful Fruit. Using Lemon Fruit you can not only enhance your Beauty. But also it helps you to sustain Fit and Healthy. The Lemon Fruit contains Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Protein and Carbohydrate . Which is a LIfe source for every patient. Means Lemon one, Benefit multiple.

Let’s Know About The Benefits Of Lemon Fruit

1. Immunity

Lemon Fruit Juice helps to make our Body Immune System strong. It gives us strength by increasing the internal resistance power of our body to fight against many different diseases and we keep safe. To increase your Immunity, extract Juice from 1 Lemon. Mix it with 1 Glass of  Organic Papaya Shake and 1/2 teaspoon of 100% Organic  Turmeric Powder. Mix these ingredients as told and Drink this Juice daily. You will definitely get Benefit. You may also Click On this given Link – To know more about How to Boost your Immunity and Get a Strong Immune System.

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2. Weight Loss

By consuming Lemon Water daily, you can Lose Weight without weakness. To reduce your Weight, mix Pure and  Organic  Honey with 1 Lemon Fruit Juice and 1 cup of Lukewarm Water and stir well. Drink this Homemade Liquid or Juice daily in Empty Stomach every morning. It will rescue you from Obesity problem within 1 Week. And in Today’s Modern Era it is a Panacea Treatment for your Weight Management purpose. You can also Check out and Click on this Link for more details information about How to Control and Reduce your Weight in Just 10 Days by some Effective and 100% Natural Home Remedy. 

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3. Weight Gain

There are so many methods and way to Gain Weight. But this given below Weight Gain Natural Home Remedy is the simplest one. Lemon Fruit is not only used for Weight Loss but also it is used to Increase your Weight as well. It sounds strange but it’s true. If you want Weight Gain then add 1 tablespoon of Sugar in the Lemon Juice extracted from 1 Lemon and add 1 Cup of Water. Mix it well and drink it every morning in Empty Stomach. In this way you can able to see some increase in your Weight in 2 Weeks. OR You can see our another Article where we discussed about How to make Organic and Natural Homemade Protein Supplement for Weight Gain.

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4. Asthma

It also removes the complication of Asthma. For that you have to do is mix Honey with Lemon Fruit Juice and drink daily.

5. Migraine Pain

It is also helpful to get relief from Migraine Pain. For that we have to do and take some easy steps. Grinding Lemon Fruit Peel and put and apply it onto your Forehead. By doing so, will removes the problem of Migraine. Because Lemon Peel has a tendency to provide Coolness. And most of the people don’t know this fact. You can also Click to check out this given Helpful products for relief from Migraine Pain is – (1) Ayurvedic Migraine Pain Tablets, and the most used (2) Refreshing Medicated Oil.

6. Malaria

Not only this, if someone has becomes victims of Malaria and wants to abstain from it then all you have to do is, Dip Black Paper (Kali Mirch) in the extracted Lemon Fruit Juice and slightly roast it on low flame. After all its done, If you suck it then you will get much relief from Malaria Disease. Most of the children are becomes their victims by Malaria. From the beginning it is stated that Precaution is Better than Cure. And so, you should try to protect yourself before being victim of Malaria. Instant Mosquito and Insect Killer Spray is one of the best alternative of protection. Because it instantly kills Malaria spreading Mosquito and Flies.

7. Hair Fall, Baldness and Dandruff

Lemon Fruit is also one of the good alternatives for your Hair Fall, Baldness and Dandruff. There is no effect of Dandruff further, if you do regular use of extracted Lemon Juice mix with Organic Mustard Oil or Coconut Oil alternately 3 Days a Week. And within 2 Weeks your problems of Dandruff and Hair fall will gone. You can also see our another article to Get Rid of your Dandruff completely Natural way in brief.

Those people who suffers from Baldness problem. They can take one easy steps for that. Take out the seeds from Lemon Fruit and then make a paste of it. Add some Organic Mustard or Coconut Oil in it and then apply it on your Scalp and do massage well. You have to repeat this process daily. After some days you will see that the Hair starts coming from your Barren Scalp.

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(2) If you have Dandruff problem then you can use this products  – Anti Dandruff Shampoo. This Shampoo is one of the best product in respect to clean your Dandruff.

8. Bones

Due to the presence of Citric Acid and Vitamin C in the Lemon Fruit, it provides strength to our Bones and also helps to keep our Bones strong. Make your Bones stronger than the other and for that you have to Click on this Link to know more about How to make your bones Strong. Effective Natural way revealed. To view Bone Strengthen capsule product, simply Click on This Link.

9. Digestion

Adding 1 Lemon Fruit Juice in 1 glass of Hot Water and drink it daily, the Digestive System gets cured forever. If your Digestion or Digestive System is not well, Then you may have to suffer from Constipation and Gas problem. To know more details about How to cure and get relief from Constipation and Gas problem, then you may Click Here.

10. Blood

If you drink by mixing Lemon Fruit Juice with 1 cup of Carrot Juice daily, then you will never have a shortage of Blood.

11. High Blood Pressure

Along with that, Lemon Fruit helps in controlling High Blood Pressure also. If you want to know more about How to control High Blood Pressure, then may you Click on This Link. You can also now measure your Blood Pressure by this Best and Automatic Blood Pressure Measuring Instrument. This instrument give accurate results and reading after measuring. Also you can use our recommended Natural and Herbal Blood Pressure Control Capsules.

12. Face and Skin

Lime also works to refine your Dull Face. Mix Gram Flour, Turmeric Powder, Rose Water and Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and Lemon Fruit Juice together. And then make a paste of it. If you apply this homemade Face pack on your face then you will get the Glowing Skin in just 3 working days and your Face Dullness will gone. As well as all the Stains of your face will also be erased. See our related Article – Another 3 Wonderfull 5 days Natural and Easy Homemade Skin Hack Tricks

Also you can use this Face Skin Glowing products (1) Unlock Skin Glow Face Serum and (2) 100% Natural Activated Charcoal Face Scrub with our remedy, to Glow your Skin even more faster rate.

13. Memory

By regular use of Lemon Fruit with green vegetables, helps you to Boost your memory power. And if you use the Lemon Water then after Organic Memory Booster Capsules, if you have any in your home then it will be even more better option to give hike to your Memory.

14. Stomach

To overcome the Stomach problem, mix Honey with Lemon Juice and eat it regularly.  Conception problems can also be removed from this. You may also Click on this given link to know more about How to tackle the problem of Constipation and Gas. And with it also know about its Organic and Natural way of treatment.

15. Hiccup

If you are getting too many Hiccups for a while then Take a mixture which is made up of Black Salt as per your taste, 1 teaspoon Honey and Lemon Fruit Juice. Mix this ingredients well together. Consume this Organic and Natural Homemade Syrup. Your Hiccup will gone completely after some time.

16. Gum

When you get Swelling on you Gums, at that time mix Lemon Fruit Juice in water and rinse with it. You get relief soon from you Swelling Gum problem. Not only that, your Tooth Pain can also be removed from the Lemon. For more better results and solution for you Gum problems or Bleeding of your Gums, simply add and mix Organic and Natural Toothpaste and 100% Organic Neem Leaves Powder together. Then what you have to do is, just gently massage you gums with your finger well in all side. After all it’s done. Now rinse your mouth with This Recommended Mouthwash product.


You have another option to get rid of your Bleeding Gum and Gum Pain. The only thing you have to do is, simply Say Goodbye to your Toothpaste. I know it heard literally strange but is the best option. And in place of your Toothpaste use All in one, the Mouth Freshner Teeth Cleaning Pain Relief Tooth Gel . It has a power of Ayurveda in built, which helps to Clean our Teeth clean, Keep our Mouth Fresh and of course and give relieves from Gum Pain too. And that’s why it replaces the toothpaste and is called all in one product.

17. Itching

Mixing Alum (Fitkari) powder with Lemon Fruit Juice, and then by applying it on the affected area. Your Itching goes away after some time.

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