High Blood Pressure : Total Control In Just Only 5 Natural Ways

High Blood Pressure : Total Control In Just Only 5 Natural Ways

What Is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension ?

Hello friends, today we will talk about how to control High Blood Pressure completely. Now a days, most of the people are suffering and facing the problem of High BP or High Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

When the Blood pressure of the blood flowing in your blood vessel is higher than the Normal Blood Pressure, it means you have High Blood Pressure. You have the look on the Blood Pressure Range after measuring you Blood Pressure using Blood Pressure machine. If it stands consistently over 130 over 2 weeks then you surely have this disease. Blood Pressure is measured in 2 readings, Systolic and Diastolic. For more details, you can also see the Blood Pressure Chart.

This disease secretly takes you into its grip.  And then you suffer from various types of diseases.  Like it may cause Heart and Kidney disease. For many days, this disease can not even be known. But when this disease is fully influence on our body then we get to know about it. Those who are sensitive to anger, fear, sorrow or other hymns, they have this disease soon. If this disease is not cured in time, then it may cause severe problem. Like Heart Attack or Stroke.

What are the High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Signs Of High Blood Pressure

When this disease occurs, your head starts to have pain. And you start to get dizzy. Heart beat increases, Laziness starts to happen, being restless, No desire to do any work, Dark in front of eyes and no sleep etc. If you are having or facing such symptoms then understand that you are gripped by High Blood Pressure.

Many people begin to consume the drugs without knowing the main cause of the disease properly. And they keep thinking that Our problem will be cured by the medicine. But they think absolutely wrong. Unless you know about this disease completely, by then your problem can not end from root. Friends, I always keep telling you that Whatever disease or problem you are treating or dealing with, firstly, your work is to know about the disease. Because when we know the cause of disease then at that time it becomes easy for us to end the disease completely from the root. I mean to say that it is necessary to emphasize the causes of any disease before treating it.

Reason why we have High Blood Pressure And why do we have this Disease | The Cause of Hypertension

Friends, when our hearts supply blood to all the nerves of the body, And if your Blood is thick then the pressure on the heart increases due to the deepening of Blood in our veins. Whereby our heart increases the speed of blood transfusion. And this increase in the speed of pumping of heart results in rising the Blood Pressure Level And so this is what technically called High Blood Pressure. Also the people who do not work hard and stay in more tension, they have this disease very soon. People who drink Alcohol or Smoke more. And those who do not have good food habits also get this disease.

Impact Of The Presence Of Acid In Your Blood

Friends, when the amount of acid increases in our Stomach, and so we start having small disease related to the Stomach. Like formation of Gas in the Stomach, Stomach Pain, ulcer, Flatulence, Insomnia, Trouble taking breath, etc.  All this happens due to the formation of acid in our body. And if this acid grows and reach to the blood, then we have Blood Acidity. And when the Blood Acidity increases in the body then High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Sugar and Blood Cancer like major illness starts to occur.

How Acid Forms In Your Body ?

The main reason of the formation of acid in your body is our bad eating habits and our unusual habits that we often neglect. One thing has to be taken care of that do not eat those food ingredients and items or things which have or contains the excess amount of acid. Like Iodine, Tea, Coffee, White Sugar, Pickles,  Cigarettes, Alcohol, White Jaggery, etc. All this stuff increases the amount of acid in the body. And therefore increasing the likelihood of having problems like High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack.

If possible then use only Organic Mustard Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you use other than this then it may helps to increase your Blood Acidity which results in High Blood Pressure like problem.

Note : Never eat White Jaggery because it is injurious to Health.

Friends, there are many things in which acid content is found. But the above mentioned food items and ingredients are the most used thing in homes. Friends we are now know the cause of High Blood Pressure that why and what it happens. But now we will tell you about its treatment. By which you can heal the disease quickly and completely. So let’s start.

Whenever you have High Blood Pressure, then eat those things which contains more Alkalinity or simply the Alkaline foods. When we eat food, then there are 2 types of elements found in it. One is Acidic elements and another one is Alkaline elements. It is very important to have this kind of element in our body in equal amount. And our body remains healthy only with the right balance of both of these.

How we distinguish between Acidic and Alkaline foods.

You can understand this as those Fruits and Vegetables are juicy they are Acidic in nature and contains Acidic elements. And those fruits and vegetable which are not juicy they referred as Alkaline Foods and are alkaline in nature. Some of those foods which are Alkaline are Apple, Banana, Guava, Spinach, Brinjal, Carrot, Fenugreek (Methi) plant leaves, Gourd (Lauki) etc. So eat all these things from today and reduce the acid levels present in your blood.

Useful Methods to control High Blood Pressure by reducing Blood Acidity Quickly

If there is High Blood Pressure, you can do another solution too. Friends, you must try these organic and effective remedy at least once to fix and control High Blood Pressure effectively.

1) Remedy One :

Gourd (Lauki) juice. Yes my friend, Gourd Juice is the most Alkaline foods of all vegetables. And if you consume or drink it on empty stomach daily in the morning then the problem of your High Blood Pressure will be cured soon. Process to make the juice. First off all take 10  Basil (Tulsi) Leaves, 10 Peppermint (Pudina) Leaves and 1/2 teaspoon of Black Salt and make a paste of it and then mix it with the Gourd (Lauki) Juice. Now your drink is ready. you should drink a glass of Gourd Juice every day in empty stomach. You have to repeat this process everyday for a minimum time period of at least 1 Month. And even after that if you want to continue, you can. No problem, although it will be even good and more better for you Health.

2) Remedy Two:

Take 1 teaspoon of Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds in 1 Cup of water then Soak overnight and leave it. And drink the empty stomach soaked Fenugreek Seed water in the morning and as well as eat Fenugreek Seed by chew it well. Remember : Do this remedy and process on Empty Stomach, everyday.

3) Remedy Three :

Take 2 Garlic Buds, and then chew it and eat it daily at morning in empty stomach.

4) Remedy Four :

Take equal quantity of Fennel (Saunf) Seeds, Cumin and Sugar Crystal. Mix these three ingredients into equal quantity to make fine powder. Then in every morning take 1 teaspoon of this powder with 1 glass of Water daily in empty Stomach.

5) Remedy Five :

Friends Amla Juice is the most beneficial in case of High Blood Pressure. You can also eat Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Marmalade. This will make your High Blood Pressure normal.


So friends these 5 Effective Organic Home Remedy will reduce and control your High Blood Pressure. Also it removes the Impurity by clensing the blood and the Bad Cholesterol present in the blood. Will strengthen your heart. Will remove all the blockages of your heart. Will fix Triglyceride along with it will helps in reducing your Obesity. And so try to use these 5 Beneficial Organic Home Remedy daily for your Better Health and also to control High Blood Pressure completely.

Friends, to get rid of High Blood Pressure completely, you will have to use this Remedy daily on Empty Stomach, everyday at morning. From the First Week you will starts getting the results. And definitely you will get the benefits.

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