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Green Tea : 10 Proven Natural Health Benefits

How Green Tea Is Beneficial For Your Health? | Know The Top 10 Natural Facts and Benefits.

1. Skin Care.

Green Tea helps to Reduce Acne, Scars and Rashes by fighting against your Skin Toxic Agent. It can apparently also helps to Get rid of your Stretch marks and Wrinkles and the signs of aging of your face. It is helpful in keeping your skin looks Glow and Youthful. Also it retains a Moisturizing and Soft texture to your Beautiful skin.

2. Immune System & Resistance.

Green Tea has Anti-Oxidant properties along with Panthenol and Flavonoids that helps in Boosting up your Immune System of your human body. It also fight against the infection. Also it helps to fight and Protect against Flu, Cold and Cough by providing Vitamin-C which helps to Boost up resistance in your body.

3. Weight Loss.

Green Tea is helpful for those people who trying to Lose Weight. It also helps to boost your energy level so that you may do more exercise and hard work for longer time and achieve greater results. It seriously Reduce Your Body Weight by cutting extra fat deposited in your body.

4. Diabetes.

If you take Green Tea daily then, It greatly helps to Reduce your Diabetes by controlling your Insulin Level in your body.

5. Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Green Tea also fight against your heart disease. It works on your blood flow and blood vessel and also keeping your Blood Pressure under control. Regular consumption of Green tea is thought to reduce the risk of High Blood pressure by reducing Angiotensin which to High Blood Pressure.

It also helps to Reduce your Bad Cholesterol and Lipid naturally in your blood and improves the ratio of Good Cholesterol to Bad Cholesterol.

6. Healthy Teeth.

It can kills and fight against bacteria that are nesting in your teeth. As a results, it improves your Dental health and lowers your risk of Gum infection and Teeth Cavity problems.

7. Brain Function.

The Compounds found in the Green Tea can helps to improve your Brain functionality and makes your Brain even more Sharper and Smarter.

8. Cancer or Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral

Green Tea catechins are Strong Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral agents which make them effective to defend your body from Influenza to Cancer. Due to High Antioxidants quantity present in this tea, may lower the risk of various types of Cancer Cells to grow in your body. The Anti-oxidant present in it, also helps to protect your body skin cells against cell damage, which is one of the reason of having Cancer.

9. Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) in Green Tea known for producing a calming effect to reduce your Stress, Anxiety and Depression. It also has Amino acids which helps to get relieves from your Stress as well as the Anxiety. The Thiamine is an Amino acid that naturally found in this types of Tea leaves to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect.

10. Hair Growth.

The Anti-Dandruff, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Fungal properties present in the Green Tea helps to Boost your Hair Growth. By daily and proper consuming this will definitely provide Extra nourishment to your Hair to shine and looks good.

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