Garlic Buds - The Powerful Medicine | 25 Amazing Health Benefits

Garlic Buds – The Powerful Medicine | 25 Amazing Health Benefits And Treatment.

In this article you will learn and know about Garlic Buds The Powerful Medicine and its 25 Amazing Natural Health Benefits And Treatment. Garlic Buds is not only used in vegetables, but it is also used as a medicine. Garlic is one kind of medicine that is used to cure many diseases. Mostly it has been seen that lots of people do not like the smell of Garlic. Garlic not only increase the taste of the food but it also cures many types diseases. And therefore Garlic is considered to be one of the most potent medicines. And since from ancient time people are using it.

Friends, Garlic Buds contains the heat elements and so you can increase the intake of it in Winter Season. But you should limit the intake of Garlic in the Summer Season. Garlic does not suit to everyone. So you should use garlic thoughtfully because this is a very Effective, Strong and Natural Medicine. You should take special care of one thing that you will not get much benefit from eating garlic after cooking. By eating it after cooking it’s lost all its properties and qualities. And therefore you should try to eat Garlic as raw as a result you get more benefits.

How Garlic Useful For Us And How To Use It ?

1. Improve Metabolism :

Friends, most of the disease in our body is cause due to the weakening of the metabolism in our body. By consuming Garlic Buds daily, we can correct and also increase the Metabolism of our body. Any of the medicine works only when your metabolism of your body is good. Therefore, you should make habit of eating Garlic daily so that you can avoid any kind of disease.

2. Blood Sugar Level Maintain :

Garlic Buds controls our Blood Sugar Level. It increases the amount of Insulin present in our body. If the patient of diabetes consumes 3 Buds of Garlic every morning in empty stomach then Garlic will definitely helps you to control your diabetes.

3. Ear Pain Relief :

Garlic Buds is very beneficial for the Ear Pain. If you put 1 Drop of Garlic Juice in your ears 1 Times a day for 3-4 days, then your ear’s pain will be cured and gone. And you will definitely get relief. Antioxidant properties are found in Garlic which helps you eliminate the bacteria of your ear. The oil in Garlic allows the extra wax to be removed from our ears.

4. Weight Loss :

Garlic Buds helps and plays a very important role in Reducing the Weight of our body. The Garlic contains Anti-Inflammatory factor which helps in stopping the formation of the Fatty Cell inside our body. If you want to reduce your Extra Body Fat, you need to eat Garlic in an empty stomach every morning. You also need to do exercise yourself as well to control obesity. In this way you will be able to reduce extra fat from your body.

5. Toothache Relief :

Garlic Buds is also very effective for the Pain In Your Teeth. Garlic have Antibacterial and Anesthetic properties. Which gives you relief from the Pain in your Teeth. If you apply Garlic Paste in your Teeth and Gums, you will get relief from Toothache. One thing I want to tell you is that putting Garlic in your Teeth can cause irritation in your Gums.

6. Wound and Blisters :

Because of the Antiseptic Property in Garlic Buds, It helps a lot in fixing your Wounds and Blisters.  Take 1 part Garlic Juice and 3 parts Distilled Water and mix it, and then apply it on where the Wounds and Blisters occurs, you will get relief in a few hours. Garlic also helps in getting out Pic from your Wound. You also get rid of the pain caused by the Wound and Blisters.

7. Arthritis Pain Relief :

Garlic Buds is also a very good medicine for Arthritis Pain. First of all, you have to make a paste of Garlic. After this you have to take off the juice from this paste. Then heat the extract juice slightly. After this, putting and applying the juice of this Garlic in the form of oil in the pain area, you get relief from Arthritis Pain soon. It would be that by applying the Garlic Juice on the skin, your skin absorbs this Garlic Oil and through skin it reaches to our bone. And in this way you get rid of Arthritis Pain.

8. Cancer and Tumor :

With daily use of Garlic Buds, you can reduce the chances of getting Cancer by stopping the growth of your Tumor Cells. Cancer is such a terrible disease that nobody wants to face or to have this disease by mistake. Because it torches people a lot, whether mental or physical. If you use Garlic regularly on a daily basis And control on the food that you eat and routinely do Pranayama then you will not have to afraid of Cancer.

9. Pregnancy Care :

If you are Pregnant and you eat Garlic Buds then this is a very good thing for you. If you eat Garlic daily during Pregnancy, then it is very beneficial for both Mother and Child. At the time of pregnancy, garlic is also very helpful for the child who is in her womb because of the beneficial property which present in Garlic which results in boosting the preborn child in Mother’s womb.

10. Glow Your Skin :

Garlic Buds has big contribution in Glowing of your Skin. it plays a very important roles for your Glowing Skin and gives beneficial and amazing results too. The Alesine Compound found in this helps you to keep your skin Soft and Pulpy. It works like Anti Aging for Skin. Therefore, you can grind 2-3 Buts of Garlic in your Natural Face Pack and mix it and make a paste of it. And then you can apply it on your face. This will help you to improve your face as well as gives a Glowing Skin too. But keep in mind that this Garlic-based skin pack should be applied only once in the week.

11. Skin Disease :

Skin Disease are mainly caused by the Infections and Reaction whether it is a Chemical reaction or any other. It
can helps you treat the disease like Psoriasis. Garlic juice extracted out the dirt from the pores of the skin. It also increases the capability of the sensitivity of skin. Even if the skin is more dry, the chances of Skin Disease   increase. And Garlic Buds does not let it happen. Because Garlic maintains and keeps the oiliness in your skin and is only happens because of the oily property present in the Garlic.

13. Tuberculosis :

Garlic Buds also cures chest related problems. According to Ayurveda, curry or drink made from milk and Garlic helps a lot in the treatment of Tuberculosis. Your have to take 1 gram of Garlic, 240 ml of Milk and Water 1 ltr. After that, boil them together until 1/4 of the total Liquid mixer remains. Once the Liquid mixer is formed, you can drink it 3 times a day.

14. Asthma :

Put 2 Tablespoon of Honey in 1 Glass of warm Water. And then add 1 Teaspoon of Garlic Buds in it. By drinking this mixer in empty stomach daily you will get lots of benefits and profits for Asthma.


Make a paste of 3 Buds of Garlic. Now put Garlic Buds paste in milk and boil it and drinking it every night, can reduce the problem of Asthma.

15. Digestion :

Garlic Buds is very beneficial for our Digestive system. This brings out the toxins from our body. Grind garlic buds and make a paste, mix it with milk or water, drink it and get rid of stomach problems. And this is also good for your Digestion.

16. Infections :

Infection can be of many types like Bacterial, Viral, Worm, Fungal Infection etc. Garlic Buds acts as antiseptic in the disease caused by infections. Because of the antibacterial and antiviral property presents in the Garlic, this protects us from food poisoning. If we eat raw garlic then it also protects us from skin infections.

17. Blood Clotting Prevention :

When the blood get thickened it starts deposition inside the arteries. And like that one time comes when the the blood start to clot over the arteries by blasting the arteries and this is called Blood ClottingGarlic does not allow Blood cells to attach with each other. This reduces the risk of Blood Clot. Those whose blood is thickened must be eaten Garlic Buds for them to dilute their blood.

18. Cholesterol Maintenance :

Garlic Buds enhances good Cholesterol levels in our body and reduces bad Cholesterol levels. It does not allow fat deposits in our arteries. And by which there is a kind of elasticity maintained in the arteries. And your blood pressure remain normal.

19. Tonsil Control :

It is often seen that children suffers from Tonsil more. Grind 10 grams of Garlic Buds for the Tonsils and make a paste of it. Mix this paste thoroughly in light hot water. By doing collins with this water 3 times a day, your Tonsils will be cured soon.

20. Jaundice Prevention :

Those who have had Jaundice, first of all, grind 4 Buds of Garlic. Make 1 teaspoon paste of it. After this, mix it well in a 1 Cup of warm hot milk. You have to drink it once a day And by drinking it for 3 days regularly will give benefit to you. And Jaundice will improve very fast and it will be well soon.

21. Cough and Cold Control :

Garlic Buds also helps in the treatment of old Cough. People who is who had Cough and Cold or who is suffering from Cough and Cold, they can take 1 Teaspoon of Garlic syrup once in a day. And by doing this you will get relax and relief from Cold and Cough. If you have more Cough and Cold then you can increase the quantity of the Garlic Syrup.

To make Garlic Syrup, add 150 gm of Garlic Buds in a cup of water. Boil this until the Garlic becomes soft. Then take 1/4 cup of Vinegar in a pan and then mix powdered Sap together in the pan and then after boil or cook them in a low flame. After it is done, filter the mixture with a cotton cloth. Then extract the juice or liquid nicely. Then add 250 gm of Sugar in it and stir it slowly and gently in a low flame. And you have to do this until the sugar dissolves in the mixture completely. Then put it aside to cool down. After it is done your Garlic Syrup is ready to use.

22. Pimples Removes :

if you rub raw Garlic Buds on your Pimples again and again then this will removes your Pimples soon. By applying Garlic on the skin, it will keeps your skin fresh. This cleans up your skin because of the cleansing property presents in the Garlic. And by which your pimples are removed. If you have trouble and have faced a lot of problems with dark patches and tilos on your face, then you should definitely use and try Garlic. You can get relief soon and your face will also be cleared soon.

23. Herpes and Itching :

Because Antibacterial properties are present in Garlic Buds, it also cures your Itching. And its juice also relieves from the Stretch Mark. If you apply it on your face then You can check the sensitivity of your skin by applying garlic on any part of the body. We recommend to do this because Garlic can able to burn your skin because of the high amount of Acidic and Heating property present in the Garlic.

24. Impotence Cure :

Garlic Buds can cure the problem of Impotence. You should use Garlic for impotence only in the winter. All you have to do is, take 3-4 Buds of Garlic. And then eat this by chewing it well in your mouth at morning. And then drink 1 Cup of warm milk. By doing this in the winter regularly, your impotence disease will be cured soon.

25. High Blood Pressure :

Garlic Buds makes a lot of benefits in High Blood Pressure. Garlic can able to regulates the High Blood Pressure. For this First of all grind 3 Buds of Garlic and make a paste of it. And then take 1 Teaspoon of this paste and mix 1 Tablespoon of Curd well. Your blood pressure will become normal and will be in control after eating it once in a day for 10 days daily.

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