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FISH OIL : Best TOP 10 Surprising Natural Health Benefits

Why You Should Consume Fish Oil ?

Fish Oil is derived from the Tissues of Oily Fish, with the Best sources being cold water Fatty Fish like wild caught Salmon. The Oil is a concentrated source of Omega-3, and while the body can make most of the Fats we need, that’s not the case when it comes to Omega-3 Fatty Acids we need to get them from Supplements or Food sources.

Fish Oil is one of the Most popular supplements in the U.S., with 7.8% of American adults, 18.8 Million using it on a regular basis. Here’s more about why you should really join the many Americans who are taking Fish Oil every day.

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#1. Weight Loss.

  • It has also been popularized as an aid in Losing Weight. Research conducted by Professor Peter. However at the University of South Australia has shown that the Fish Oil Improves the efficiency of exercise to Reduce your Weight.

#2. Arthritis.

  • Fish Oil is Useful in the treatment of Arthritis, Rheumatism, Raynaud’s symptoms and similar conditions. Using this Fish Oil you can help in reducing the need for large dosages of NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).

#3. Eye Disorders.

  • The National Eye Institute at the National Institute of Health in the United States, Plans to conduct a nationwide study to evaluate the effect of Fish Oil in Treating Macular Degeneration.

#4. Make Your Bone Strong.

  • With increasing age, you need to take care of your bone. Fish Oil being rich in essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin D ensure the proper functioning of Calcium channels. In women entering the Menopausal Years, Hormonal Imbalance causes bone erosion leading to Osteoporosis.

#5. Acne.

  • Fish Oil is an effective treatment for your Acne. Epa is known to inhibit Androgen formation, which can affect the formation of Sebum in Hair follicle, leading to Acne.

#6. Diabetes.

  • Type 2 Diabetic patients are prone to Cardiovascular diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease, Atherosclerosis and Stroke. Fish Oil to be useful in reducing Triglyceride Levels in patients with Diabetes as well.

#7. Blood Circulation.

  • It is widely accepted that Fish Oil has the ability to Improve your Blood Circulation along with reducing Triglyceride and Serum Cholesterol Levels. However, the benefit of Improving your Blood Circulation has primarily been studies on RATS only.

#8. Reduce Cholesterol Level.

#9. Fight Depression and Anxiety.

  • It is very much compulsory for Bodybuilders to remain calm and stress free during their physical activities and the Fish Oil serve this purpose. Daily supplementation of Fish Oil after a Carbohydrate Rich Meal is recommended to get the maximum benefits.

#10. Reduce Risk of Inflammation and Heals an Injury Quickly.

  • Bodybuilders develop injuries and suffer Joint Pain from the countless hours in the weight room. Fish Oil have been tested for their effectiveness to Reduce Inflammation and joint pain.

How To Use Fish Oil

  • It is recommended by American Heart Association (AHA) to take 1 gram of Fish Oil daily to maintain a healthy heart. Reduce inflammation and Boost hormone function. In case of Injury, A 6 gram daily dose is recommended to Reduce muscle Soreness.

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