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Fermented Rice : A Healthy Untold Secret Food With 18 Benefits

In the childhood, many people used to eat Fermented Rice / Soaked Boiled Rice (Panta Bhat) early in the morning. And I know that many of you may feel awkward after knowing this. Still in some places many people used to eat this Fermented Rice / Whole night Soaked Boiled Rice (Panta Bhaat) in respect to prevent themselves from many disease and also to keep themselves healthy. If you still do not believe in this, please know through the tips given below by our health expert.

What Is The Fermented Rice? And How To Prepare It ?

Well, I explain you a little bit. If the Boiled Rice fully soaked in water for the entire night for at least 12-24 hour in a Original Craft Earthen Clay Pot. Buy this Useful Clay Pot from Amazon online. Then at the time of breakfast, take the Whole Night Soaked Rice and mesh it with your hand then add some Chopped Onions , + Green Chilli and Salt for Taste. Mix it well with your hand and your Fermented Rice is ready to use. You will be surprised to know that how the Fermented Rice keeps you away from Diseases.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Fermented Rice

1) The Fermented Rice contains 60% less Calories in comparison to Hot Rice.

2) It helps to convert Lactic Acid, Potassium and Iron present in our body into Calcium in large extent.

3) Daily intake of it helps us to gain Vitamin B-6 and B12 which is very important for your body.

4) It provides us useful Bacteria which improves Digestive System as well as it also Increase your Body’s Immune System Power and Efficiency.

5) Daily intake of this rice early in the morning protects you from many Muscles and Bone diseases.

6) If you eat this Whole night Soaked Rice early in the morning then it will Cure many of yours stomach problems at ease.

7) It also balanced your Body temperature by balancing Heat inside your body.

8) If you add this in your Diet then you can Control your Blood Pressure and also get rid of serious problems like Hypertension.

9) After eating this you will feel fully energetic all the day and get less tired.

10) This Fermented Rice also cures many Skin diseases like Allergies, Eczema, Itching etc. So never hesitate in eating Cold Rice or Rice Soaked in water for a Whole Night.

11) It contains 20 times higher Vitamins, Iron, Calcium and Potassium.

12) Fermented Rice Boost our Immune System.

13) It helps to keep you young and to Get a Beautiful Glowing Skin.

14) It can cures all types of Ulcers Problems.

15) If your Body temperature get increases, then this is the Best food that keeps your Body temperature under control.

16) Fermented Rice keeps your stomach free from diseases.

17) Eating Fermented Rice as a breakfast early in the morning which helps us to Keep your body Light, Fit, Active and Slim.

18) Eating Fermented Rice at night will gives you Sound and Peaceful sleep.


If you get beneficial results of Fermented Rice then you should never throw it in the Classic Pedal Dustbin. It’s better to get up early in the morning and eat the Whole night Soaked Rice daily in empty stomach, rather to eat other Spicy food and Junk food items that is harmful for your health. And if you do this everyday then this will keeps you healthy and fit. Also you will definitely experience amazing results.

NOTE : Do not reheat the Fermented Rice. And also do not kept the Soaked Rice for more than 1 Day as it leads to food poisoning.

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