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Essential Oil : The Best One For Your Hair Care Treatment

The oil that I will talk about today is (Elansa 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil). You must have heard about Lavender. As like Rosemary, the Lavender is also very beneficial for our Hair and Scalp. Before review of this product, I want to tell you that you can also use “Elansa Pure Rosemary Essential Oil” as a substitute. Because both the the oil has almost stores the same quality. According to our figures, most of the people use and prefered Rosemary Essential Oil for there Hair Care Treatment. But it is also true that the Lavender Essential Oil is not less than Rosemary Essential Oil in comparison of Quality. So either you use Rosemary or you can use Lavender.

Why Elansa Lavender Essential Oil ?

Because as like others, this Essential Oil maintains its Purity in it and so it is 100% Pure and Organic. The price range of this product is under our budget. Not so expensive. If we have to say in a single word, then it is an All In One Essential Oil.

The another reason to use this Essential Oil is its Popularity. Due to its sweet floral and amusive fragrance,  Lavender Essential Oil is the most popular and top rated oil among all Elansa Essential Oils. It ranks the Best Essential Oil in its price range category. Also it give some physical and emotional benefits.

It helps us to reduce anxiety and depression due to its healing fragrance which also gives a sounder sleep. Elansa Lavender Essential Oil is rich in antiseptic and has its own balancing qualities. Which make it a worthy and valuable skin care product.

Friends when it comes to its packaging, then it will not be wrong to say that this Elansa Lavender Essential Oil is well enough to attract any people. Its whole packaging body is made of purple colour and the container inside it is coloured with matte black finished and is made of glass which is quit risky to handle.

What Are Essential Oils ?

When the liquid juice is extracted from Tree Bark, Flowers, Tree/Plant Leaves, Petal, Stem, Roots, Fruits, Peel by the Cold Pressed extraction process and later on with this extracted oil, the process of Steam Distillation begins which leads to the formation of Highly Concentrated Essential Oils. And thus these oils are very powerful and strong liquid in itself. Which we people used for many purpose. Therefore, whenever we use this type of oil, we always use this in a limited and low quantity by mixing and diluting it with any type of Organic Carrier Oil.

 Natural and Herbal Benefits

(1) It is used to calm your body and mind.

(2) It helps to reduce your anxiety, anger and depression.

(3) It improves your hair and scalp related problem.

(4) Not only that it also promotes your better sleep and give relaxation to your mind.

Suggested Essential Oils Uses

First Use

Add  3 drops of this Lavender Essential Oil with 10 ml of your 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Premium Quality CASTOR Hair Oil  with the help of any dropper and also Add 2 Vitamin E Capsules. It helps to improve your Hair, Scalp, Dandruff and other hair problem. You can also increase the quantity as per the above given measurement. Do Massage with this for 5 mins and leave it overnight. Within 6 days you will see that your Hair related problem will gone.

Second Use

At the morning, wash your hair by your Homemade Ayurvedic Shampoo or you can use the Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo, without parabens and no sulphate.

Third Use

By diffusing a few drop into the Electric Diffuser  in your room, you can experience a peaceful environment.

Fourth Use

Socked Cotton Boll with the Lavender Essential Oil and keep it in the cupboards or wardrobes for odor free, smell free and moth free clothes and garments.

Fifth Use

Add  3 drops of this Lavender Essential Oil with 10 ml of your Organic Homemade Face Pack or Organic Face Mask, Scrub and Cleanser and for your Body usage you can apply Natural Body Moisturizer with Almond oil and Aloe Vera to improve your skin type like Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Acne on your face for you skin care treatment.

Sixth Use

Add  3 drops of this Lavender Essential Oil with 10 ml of body Organic Carrier Oil to get better massage relaxing sensation to experience the aromatherapy and Spa like feeling at home.

Friends, we always have confusion in our mind, which Essential Oil is better for hair. Often we can not choose the right and proper Essential Oils. Because we do not know which one should take. But you will not have face any problems now. My Friends, If you want a good quality Essential Oil, then Elansa Essential Oil is the appropriate choice for you. Because it is 100% Pure, Organic and Natural Oil, whose quality has no match.

If you purchase Essential Oil from the market, then you will see that different types and varieties of Essential Oils available there. With this situation you will have to face a lot of difficulty in selecting the right Essential Oil for your hair and scalp problem. And it will create confusion.

NOTE : Always keep or store Essential Oils in a cool place. Do not exposed it to the sun . Never use this as a direct. Hide this product away from children.


One thing I want to made clear that the quality of all Essential Oil found in the market is not good. That’s why I would advise and recommend you to buy the Elansa 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil from Amazon given above. Because the quality of this Oil is better than any other oil available in the market, in the same price range.

I myself use this product and believe me guys, this product is wonderful one. And you should not miss it. I never faced any problem or complaint while using this beautiful product for several months. On the contrary, whenever I use this oil, I always get complete satisfaction from it.

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