Dark Patches Removal Organic And Natural Home Remedy 2018.

Dark Patches Removal Organic And Natural Home Remedy 2018.

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you in this post that how you can remove Dark Patches and Dark Spots from your face. I will tell you the exact method of Dark Patches Removal Organic And Natural Home Remedy. This Natural Home Remedy is Very Effective. Well I too tried this remedy myself and believe me guys it really works very well and gives a good result too. You should try it definitely to see its results and benefits. These Dark Patch Removal Home Remedies are completely Organic and Natural due to this you will not have any side effects or problem on your face.

I am saying this because, Nowadays I have seen that the Creams and Cosmetics that removes dark patches which are available in the market is very expensive. If you use a lot of cosmetic and makeup on your face then your skin will get roughness soon And you have a bad effect on your face skin. So many people have the Sensitive Skin and therefore the creams and cosmetics sold in the market do not suit to them. But no problem you can take care of your Sensitive Skin by some Natural Treatments as well..

Friends, I am not using any Chemicals to make these Natural Home Remedies or Face Pack. You can even make it easily at home and also you can use it in a very easy way and can take advantage too. The way I’m going to tell you, By this you will be able to overcome your Face Darkness, Blackness, Spots, Dark Patches. And at the same time it will bring a cleanness in your skin. So let’s start.

Get The Solution Of Dark Patches on Your Face :

I in this face pack we have use all those ingredients  which contains the Bleaching properties as well as Skin whitening properties. Due to which this method will make your face a Glowing Face by removing all those Dullness, Darkness, Dark Patches, Dark Spots from your face and gives even skin tone and Fairy Look too. This is very easy to make. So let’s see the way how you make this face pack.

To make the face pack you must have 1 Cup Rice, If you can take Aroma Rice then it will be even better option. Now make the powder of the 1 Cup Rice that you have taken. If you are having difficulty in making Rice Powder, then you can also bought the Rice Powder from the market as well. After that you have to take 1 Tomato and make a paste of it. Now you have to take a bowl. Now in it add 2 Tablespoon Rice Powder, 1 Tablespoon Gram Flour, 2 Tablespoon of Tomato paste and 1 Tablespoon Curd. Then mix all these ingredients well. After mixing, your face pack will be ready to use.

Now let’s talk about how we use this Face Pack and the way to apply. For this, first of all, clean your face thoroughly. After this, apply the face pack you have made on your face, covering all the portion of your face. Now after you applying, leave it for drying 20-30 min. After being dry, soak your face first with water, And then wash your face thoroughly.Keep in mind that wash the face pack on your face by gently rubbing in a circular motion. After you done, soak your face with towel and don’t forgot to apply the Aloe Vera Gel on you face. Otherwise it will not work and not give result up to the mark.

You must do this process 3 times a week.  If you can do this Natural Home Remedy Solution, if you can, then it will be better and you will see good results. you can also do this method before sleeping at night.

So friends these were the effective ways to get rid of your Dark Patches problem on you face. If you do it as the way I told it, you will surely get the benefit.

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