Cough And Cold Natural Home Treatment - 2018 !

Cough And Cold Natural Home Treatment

Friends, today I will talk about Cough And Cold Natural Home Treatment 2018. Cough and Cold ! which often happens to everyone, especially in the winter season. Cough and Cold are like an irritating things. If you want to keep Cough and Cold away from yourself and do not want again then I have a very good solution for you guys. Well, I have a lot of measures,  but today, what I’m going to tell is a Unique Solution for Cough and Cold. If you have a lot of Cough inside, it doesn’t matter because this unique remedy will helps you to remove all those cough and so you are able to control your Cough easily. The name of the remedy is Molasses/Jaggery(Gud) and Honey. There are many Benefits of Jaggery. Those who can eat Honey can eat Honey And those who can not eat can eat Jaggery/Molasses.

How will Molasses/Jaggery and Honey keep Cough in Control ?

So let me tell you something about Modern Science. Whenever someone has a problem of Cough, then understand that there is deficient of an element in our body and that’s Phosphorus. Phosphorus is a kind of chemical, which decreases in our body whenever Cough is form in our body is made.

Do you know that Phosphorus also has a younger brother and that is what we call Arsenic. Arsenic is not good for us if it is present in our body only because it is very Poisonous or we can say the Poisonous amongst the most Poison. But if arsenic is in very small quantities in our body then it provides some kind of force to Phosphorus and gives strength and boost to Phosphorous. Because Phosphorus is a complementary of Arsenic.

When we tested the Jaggery/Molasses, we found that it contains the highest amount of Phosphorus and also there is a very small amount of Arsenic present in the Phosphorous. But do you know how and from which thing Jaggery/Molasses is made of ? The answer is- from Sugarcane Juice. So when Sugarcane Juice was tested, it was found that there is a presence of Phosphorus in Sugarcane Juice but it is less than as compared to the Phosphorus of Jaggery/Molasses.

Many people probably will not know that Jaggery/Molasses is made only after heating Sugarcane Juice. Since phosphorus is found in sugarcane, therefore the amount of Phosphorus increase if it gets heated. And this is why the percentage of Phosphorus found in Jaggery/Molasses is more than that of Sugarcane Juice.

Friends, Jaggery is such a wonderful thing that if a child of 1 month is fed, then there will be no harm to the child. Here’s one thing I would like to tell you that if you have Liquid Jaggery or its available in the market then you can eat Liquid Jaggery. Because Liquid Jaggery has more beneficial and has more properties than the Solid Jaggery. And by which you will get more benefits from it. Because when the Liquid Jaggery was tested, it was found that there is a Good quality of Phosphorus in the liquid Jaggery as compared to solid Jaggery/Molasses. So I would advise you that if you eat Jaggery/Molasses then eat Liquefied  Jaggery/Molasses.

So you should make Jaggery/Molasses a part of your Life. If you eat Jaggery/Molasses then you will never have the problem of Cough in life.

Another way I would like to tell people, from which you can Cure your Cough. Now, what I’m going to tell you is an unique solution. With this remedy, you can not only cure Cough, but you can also eliminate it from the root. This is a Natural Remedy and a Easy one which everyone can do. So let’s start.

The Last Cough And Cold Remedy.

You have to take 1 Cup of water first and then it has to be heated. After that you will have to pound 1 tablespoon of Lemon Juice, Honey, 1/3 tablespoon of Cloves (Laung), 1/3 tablespoon of Cinnamon (Dalchini), and a small piece of Jaggery(Gud) into the hot water. After that cook the mixture for 20 min until the syrup is thickened.

After this you have to take a clean Polythene sheet and leave the mixer syrup in the shape of big drop on top of polythene sheet. After some time it will be dried and then you can eat it as a pill in the morning and evening in empty stomach.

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