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Body Massage With Coconut Oil | 3 Reasons Why?

As you all know that the Organic Raw Coconut Oil is good for your Hair Growth and Body massage. And also this Natural Coconut Oil is an all natural way to keep both of your Hair and Scalp healthy. The Original Coconut Oil helps to prevent your Dandruff, also it Promotes Hair Growth, and helps to keep your Hair Soft and Silky.

The Protein and Oil compound that are present in the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can helps to keep your Hair from losing Hair Protein. Not only that, the Pure Coconut Oil also moisturizes your Hair, and makes your Hair Extra strong.

How To Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair Growth And Body Massage

1. Message with Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil


Regular massaging your Hair with warm Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) is one of the simplest ways to prevent maximum Hair Fall and make your Hair healthy. For this only you will have to do is, simply warm the Coconut Oil by placing the oil jar in warm water for few minutes.


Wash your Hair with Luke warm water and use your own fingertips to apply Raw Coconut Oil on damp and dry scalp. Massage your moist and dry scalp slowly and gently for a few minutes to increase blood circulation in the scalp.


Place a shower cap over your head to increase the effects of this Raw Natural Oil. Leave it on for an hour or you can also leave it for overnight and then wash out your hair with a mild Organic and Herbal Protein Shampoo.


Repeat this Natural homemade treatment Twice a Week to effectively grow Silky, Long and Stronger Hair.

2. Organic Coconut Oil and Pure Castor Oil Blend


The Organic and Pure Castor Oil (Cold Pressed)and Coconut Oil mixture can be used to help in Hair Growth and Dry Scalp treatment. This natural treatment and process helps to moisturize the Scalp and conditioning your Hair and prevents split ends and breakage of your rough hair to promotes healthy Hair Growth.


Mix equal proportions of Pure Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in a bowl. Apply this oil mix home remedy on all over the Scalp and Hair. Then cover it throughout your head with a shower cap and leave it for overnight.


Let it sit for a minimum of 2 hours to overnight and then rinse well with cold water in the morning.

3. Pure Natural Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend


At last Mix equal quantities of Organic Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed). Heat it on the stove for few seconds to get warm. Apply the warm mixture to your strands and cover it with a shower cap.


Leave It on for about one hour and then rinse with mild Organic Herbal Homemade Shampoo.

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