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Castor Oil : Top 10 Natural Benefits And Usage For Hair & Skin

Castor Oil is becoming a popular home remedy for Hair Loss and one of the helpful ingredient for Hair Regrowth. With the regular use of the This Oil, your Hair Growth can be boosted by 3 Times to 5 Times the usual rate. It not only promotes your Hair Growth, but also your Hair becomes noticeably thicker within a few months of use.

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How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Castor Oil has a thick consistency, so you can mix it with Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil in a half  ratio. Use your fingers or a brush and start applying it onto your Scalp in circular motions. This gentle massage increases the Blood Circulation of your Scalp, Rejuvenates the Hair, and Stimulates Hair Growth.

Do It Yourself

First of all apply Castor Oil on your Hair and Scalp and then gently massage with it for a couple of minutes. Then Wrap your Hair in a warm towel and leave it for two to 8 hours. You can also leave it overnight, and I think its not a big deal for you. This will give the Castor Oil, enough time to penetrate the follicles and hydrate your Scalp and Hair thoroughly. Now wash your Hair as usual using Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner. Make sure you rinse all the Oil out of you Hair.

Common Facts About Castor Oil

Fact 1

Castor Oil helps in Hair Regrowth and Stops Hair Loss. It makes your Hair Richer and Darker. It prevents Split Ends. Treats Dandruff and Dry Scalp. This Oil also Moisturizes your Hair.

Fact 2

This Oil has been used to improve the condition of your Skin and Hair for many years. Today Castor Oil is used as a main ingredient in lots of Beauty Care Products. The main reason behind this is, it’s full of Ricinoleic Acid.  Ricinoleic Acid is an unsaturated form of Omega-9 Fatty Acid and a Alpha Hydroxy Acid that Reduces Swelling and Kills Bacteria.

Fact 3

Castor Oil is also rich in Vitamin E, Minerals, Proteins, and other Nutrients that are helpful for your Skin and Hair. To get the most help from this Oil, always use Organic Oil. It should be Cold-Pressed and Pure Virgin Castor Oil. Before you use this oil on your Skin, you should try it out on a small patch of your Skin to make sure that you’re not allergic to it and is best suited for your skin.

Some Main Benefits of Castor Oil

1. Wrinkles

Because of the Castor Oil is a Natural Moisturizer, it can reduce the signs of, Wrinkles, and Fine Lines under the Eyelashes and Eyebrows. It can get into the layers of your Skin easily, and so it does not clog the pores. In fact, it can reach deep into the Skin to give the Nutrients.

It can also weaken signs of Blemishes and Scars on the Skin. To use, gently rub a few drops of Castor Oil into your Skin in a circular motion every night before going to sleep. Do this for at least 4 to 6 months to get the look you want.

2. Hair Growth

Castor Oil is also very good for your Hair and Scalp. It deeply condition your Hair and Thicken the roots of the Hair. This will gave you a Beautiful and Shiny head consists of Thicker Hair. This is because of the Ricinoleic Acid that is present in this Oil to helps the acid level of the Scalp.

This decrease the risk of Dandruff, Split ends, and Hair breakage. What you will have to do is, just rub warm Castor Oil into your Scalp and Hair before going to bed. Wash it off in the morning. Do this 2 times a week.

3. Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Because Castor Oil is Follicle Stimulating and Nourishing Oil, it can help you to thicken your Eyebrows and Eyelashes. This Oil contains Protein, Vitamins, and Fatty Acids that feed the Hair Follicles Nutrients and help in Hair Growth.

For that just Dip a Cotton Ball/Swab in Castor Oil and Rub it into your Eyebrows, every night before your go to bed. Keep doing this until your Eyebrows reach a thickness you like.

4. Dry Skin

Castor Oil is a great lotion for Dry Skin. Because it can go deep inside your Skin. This Oil is great for treating your Dry, Flaky Skin patches. Because Castor Oil has so much Fatty Acid, that helps the Skin stay healthy and glowing. It also helps to cure the Skin conditions like Dermatitis, which can cause very Rough Dry Skin.

Castor Oil also helps to make Elastin and Collagen, which even helps to push off Aging Signs, and also keeps your Skin looking young. In one term, it is a perfect Anti-aging Oil.

Mix an even amount of Castor Oil and Coconut Oil and rub it into the Dry area of your Skin. Wait 20 to 30 minutes and then take a shower. Do this every day.

5. Brittle Cracked Nails

This thick Oil is also good for treating weak and cracked nails. The different Vitamins and Minerals in Castor Oil helps your nails to grow and make them strong. Also, because of its Anti-fungal properties, it reduce the risk of fungal infection.

Put a drop of Pure Castor Oil on each of your nails and then rub it over your nails for a couple of minutes. Do this every day before going to bed.

6. Softens Calluses

Although Castor Oil is said to be a great moisturizer and that’s why it helps soften your calluses by treating your Dry and Rough Skin. When put on the hurt area, it helps to heel up quickly. It also works as an Ointment for your Dry and Cracked Heels. Also it provides your Skin extra softness.

7. Stretch Marks

In many of the cases, you have seen that at the time of Pregnancy, the Stomach portion of that women gets Stretched. And after a women gives birth to a baby, the stomach skin got some Stretch Marks. When used during pregnancy, Castor Oil can stop stretch marks from forming. It works as a moisturizer, helping your skin keep in moisture and keep elasticity in. Also, the fatty acids present in it helps your skin and even create tissues for better  skin’s performance, strength and texture.

8. Sunburn

Because Castor Oil creates a soothing effects, which helps to bring Swelling down. It is also very good for treating sunburns. This Oil is also good for treating Hyper-pigmentation, and can clears Spots and Marks of your Skin.

NOTE : When you are using Castor Oil, be very careful and do not let it be in your Eyes.

9. Split Ends

To control Split ends, it’s very important to deeply condition your Hair. Because It helps to bring in moisture of your Scalp and Hair and also betters the overall health performance of your Hair. If you looking for conditioning of your Hair then Castor Oil is a good choice for Deep Conditioning of your Hair. For that, just simply put a few drops of little warm Castor Oil straight onto the Scalp or ends of your Hair. Then after, Wait for 30 minutes, and then as usual, wash your Hair with Natural Herbal Shampoo, like you usually do.

10. Chapped Lips

If you have Dark and Chapped Lips, then Castor Oil is very helpful and the best solution for that. Because it’s a thick Oil base like lotion, which keeps your Lips Moisturized and properly Nourished all day long. It can helps to Heel your Chapped Lips. Also stop them from getting chapped. It will also keep your lips soft and pink. It’s actually used in some commercial Lip Care products.

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