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BREASTFEEDING : 5 Nutrition Value For Money DIY

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1. Plan A Gentle Birth.

This would mean to give birth in the most natural way possible, with less interventions. Try to plan a birth without much of disturbance. Which in turn affects the connection with the mother, thus affecting a smooth start to Breastfeeding.

2. Practice Breast Crawl.

The process from birth to breast feeding should work like a relay match. once the nutrition supply form the placenta ceases, the baby should be put on mother’s chest to do a breast crawl and ensure proper bonding and start Breastfeeding.

3. Give Skin To Skin.

Make sure you mention about this in your birth plan. Skin to skin contact will help your baby feel secure and protected and give him adequate assurance and support to start suckling and get on with Breastfeeding.

4. Hold Your Baby Right.

Even if you have done everything by the textbook, you would fail to achieve any success in breastfeeding if you can’t make your baby feel comfortable at the breast. Hold your baby right to help ensure better latching.

5. Position Yourself Right.

Once you feel fine after the delivery and can sit upright, choose to sit in a reclining position, holding your baby right. A reclining position would give more skin to skin contact to the baby, help to achieve a better latch and give a good start to breast feeding.

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