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Breast Cancer : Causes, Symptoms and 100% Treatment

What Is Breast Cancer? Know Some Of Its Important Facts.

Breast Cancer is the result of mutation of the genes that are responsible for the growth of the hazardous Cancer Cells in your body. The abnormal diffusion that occurs to the breast cells is called Breast Cancer.

The Cancer cells of your Breasts may continue dividing without any hindrance, which results in the formation of the many more hazardous Breast Cancer Cells. We believes that only women suffers from the this problem, but the fact is, men are also susceptible to this. People suffering from Breast Cancer may not be able to understand whether they have this disease or not and with it people are unaware Breast Cancer symptoms, especially in its early stages.

Types Of Breast Cancer.

There are at present, people are suffering from many different types of hazardous Breast Cancer Cells.They normally are Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC), Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC), Mucinous Carcinoma (a type of IDC), Mixed Tumors and Inflammatory Breast Cell Cancer (which is a very rare type of Cancer Cells because it blocks the Lymphatic Vessels (a thin vessels like tubes and which structure is just like your Blood Vessels) of your Breasts Skin ).

How To Know Before You Have This Disease?

As we all know that everyone’s breasts are different, so It’s important to get to know, how your breasts normally looks and feels so that it will be easier to spot if there are any unusual changes on your Breast or not.

Early Symptoms and Risk of Breast Cancer

1. A new nodule or mass in your breast can be an indicative of Breast Cancer.

2. Changes in the shape of your Breast Nipple. Generally, any change to your Breast appearance, Texture, Structure and Pain in your Breast can be a sign of this Fatal disease.

3. Nipple discharge and Nipple redness, Breast or Nipple pain is the early symptoms to have this disease.

4. Always keep in mind that your Breast pain and a new Breast Lumps doesn’t go away after your next period. If this happens, then understand that you are suffering from Breast Cancer.

5. Unwanted and Unexplained Redness and Swelling in your Breast, Breast skin irritation, Itchiness, or Rashes on your Breast.

6. Swelling of your Breasts or a Breast Lumps around your collarbone or underarms and dense Breast tissues can also be the sign of Breasts Tissue Cancer.

7. The exposures to the substance that are capable of causing Cancer in your living cells or tissues like Cigarettes smoking and also exposures to many such carcinogens may increase the risk of having Cancer to grow in your Breast cells and tissues.

8. Late Menopause is one of the early signs of having Cancer in your Breasts.

9. If anyone in your family history had or have Cancer, then you may too have the possibility of having this Fatal disease.

10. The unusual use of Oral Contraceptives and excessive drinking of Alcohol are the reasons which may leads to have this disease.

Then, What To Do For The Treatment Of Breast Cancer?

Women are advised to undergo routing screening procedures to detect Breast Cancer earlier. Monthly Self breast examination, Clinical breast examination and Mammography are the recommended routine screening procedures to detect your Breast Cell Cancer, even without obvious symptoms.

Treatment of this disease is dependent on the type of Cancer that you have and its stage. Basic treatment options available to the Breast Cancer patients are surgery, which involves the removal of the Breast Cancerous Tissues, Radiation Therapy that aims to destroy your Breast Cancer Cells by the use of High energy rays and Chemotherapy which treats cancer with medications.

Natural Way That Helps To Cure Breast Cancer Cells.

1. Organic Wheat Grass Juice helps in the enhancement of Immune System.

2. Original Green Tea can help retard the growth of Breast Cancer Cells.

3. Healthy Soy Products increases internal power in body.

4. Lignans slowed down estrogen in body.

5. Organic Flax Seed reduced the growth of the Breast Tumor Cells.

6. Dried Blueberries help in retarding the spreading of Breast Cancer.

7. Garlic reduce inflammation when taken in combination with Original Raw Honey.

8. Fish Oil helps in the reduction of the risks of Breast Cancer.

9. Ayurvedic Turmeric Powder helps in the prevention and growth of Breast Cancer Cells.

10. Natural Amla Juice increases the body’s immunity through detoxification.


If you do spot any unusual changes to your breasts you should get them checked out by your Doctor or Health consultant. Consult your general practitioner whenever you notice any change in your breast. He or she can examine you and refer you to the specialist if necessary.

I assure you that the above told measures will definitely helps you to overcome and fight with the disease like Breast Cell Cancer. And so we advised you to follow all these above told Rules and Method appropriately, so that you can get rid of this difficult Breast disease.

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