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Body Odor : 100% Cure With Organic Ayurvedic Home Remedy

Body Odor, It is a disease which has no medicine. And the man thinks that maybe this will never be right. But in Ayurveda, there is 100% solution of Body Odour problem. And so today we will tell you about secret of 100% Cure of your Body Odor with Organic Ayurvedic Home Remedy. This is a common problem, which sometimes leads to embarrassment. But you do not have to worry about. Because using the home remedies mentioned in this article, you will get rid of your problem completely. And that too only in 6-15 days.

Actually this is not a critical problem, but it matters when you are with your girlfriend. When you have Body Odour, some how you feel embarrassed. People take many measures to get rid of it. To overcome of this problem, generally people use Deodorants or perfumes. Use many medicine and try different tactics, but in the end they do not succeed. But this is not the right solution.

At this situation, do not get panic. Because have the permanent solution for that. Yes my friends, with our Natural and Herbal Home Remedies you will get rid of your Body Odour permanently. Please read this article carefully, and I am sure this will definitely helps you.

What Is Body Odor ? And What is its Cause ?

Body odor is a disease caused by the bacteria present in perspiration.Often, there is a complaint of odor coming from the underarm. From your underarm, the smell comes more so because sweat does not dry quickly there. And which causes bacteria to accumulate. And the dirty fluid that comes out of bacteria, comes in the form of Sweat Odor in front of us.

Normally there is many reason of Body Odor. Like if there is excess amount of toxin present in your body then you may have the problem of Body Odour. Also if you do not wash and clean your body, drink less quantity of water, Not wearing clean clothes, intake of garlic, fast food, spicy food, these are some reasons which cause Body Odor.

Home Remedies For Body Odor

To make Body Odor Homemade Medicine, take 10 Leaves of Indian rosewood tree/Sissoo (Shisham or Sheesham)+ 10 Leaves of Bel/Bilva Tree/Aegle Marmelos (Bel Patra) + 5 teaspoon of Neem Giloy Juice (Ras). After that make a paste and mix these ingredients well together with 1 Glass of Water, stir it well to make like a juice and then drink it. By regular and proper use of this juice daily every morning in a empty stomach you will be able to reduce your body odor within 5 days. And after 2 Weeks you will see that your body odor will gone completely.

What To Eat Or Not ?

The people who have the problem of body odor, they need to reduce the use of Salt and Sweet. Do not eat Brinjal or any such vegetable which increases our body heat. Mix 1 Glass of Water with 10 ml of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and drink it daily every morning on a empty stomach . It helps to remove the toxin out present in your body. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water a day. Do not eat more Spicy Food. Try to eat more fluids such as Fruit Juices. Never Smoke, and drink Alcohol.


So friends, if you does all these things then you will definitely get rid of Body Odour with in 6 days. And believe me guys, with this Ayurvedic Home Remedy many people cured this problem Completely and Permanently.

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