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Best HEAT STROKE And SUNSTROKE Treatment At Home


Heat Stroke is a very common condition during the hot summer season. This especially affects those who are out under the sun for long periods of time. Like children playing outside, and labourers who need to work outdoors.

However, it’s not only the sun that is responsible for someone getting a Heat Stroke. At times when people wear too many layers of warm clothing or go on a stressful exercise programme, this also can cause a Heat Stroke.

A person suffering a Heat Stroke can get Dizziness and fall unconscious with the skin becoming hot and flushed. Try these simple ways of dealing with a Heat Stroke.

Remedy 1

Take few tablespoon of fresh Yogurt or Curd and beat this well. Now add this beaten Yogurt into a glass of cold water. Then add a pinch of salt to it for taste. Mix this well and you can have this regularly when the weather is hot. This process will definitely protect you from Heat Stroke and Sun Stroke.

Remedy 2

Take 3-4 raw mangoes and boil them in a pressure cooker with some water. Remove, peel and take out the seed and make a smooth paste of the pulp with the help of a Blender. Now to this paste add a little bit of sugar for taste. Add a pinch of salt, a little chilli powder, and some roasted cumin or jeera powder.

Now, mix all these ingredients well. Then keep this in the refrigerator and mix this paste with a glass of water and drink it regularly. And in this way, you can get rid of from Heat Stroke.

Remedy 3

Take a handful of Coriander and Mint leaves. Both known for their cooling effect on the body. Wash them well, grind it, and extract the juice out of it. Now to this add some sugar to taste, mix this well and you can drink this regularly.

Remedy 4

In the same way, you can also boil some water, with the small ball of Tamarind. Once it boils, strain this liquid and add some sugar to taste. Mix this well and its ready to drink.

For the flushed skin caused due to Heat Stroke, exposing too much your skin under the sun, you have to grate an onion and extract the juice out of it. Now apply this juice behind your ears and over your chest too. You can also gently massage your head with some Coconut Oil at night. Drink plenty of water and stay fit and healthy.

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