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Banana : Wonderful Health Nutrition And Benefits – Explained!

20 Powerful Reasons, Why You Should Eat Bananas.

Reason One

1. Because of the presence of high level of “Tryptophan” in Banana, it helps to overcome you from depression. The Tryptophan Acid later on converted into Serotonin, which is called “The Happy Mood Brain Neurotransmitter“.

Reason Two

2. By eating two Banana daily before your hard workouts and exercise can helps to store your energy. Also you can easily able to sustain your Blood Sugar Level.

Reason Three

3. You can protect your muscles against Cramps or Leg cramps during workouts and nighttime, by eating Banana.

Reason Four

4. It can helps to stop the excess wastage and flow out of calcium during urination discharge. And definitely Makes your Bones Strong Naturally.

Reason Five

5. Banana has a capability of changing your mood and also reduce the PMS symptoms. And therefore it provide stress-relieving relaxation.

Reason Six

6. Due to the high levels of Vitamin B-6 contains in Banana, it helps to Reduce the problem of Diabetes. It Helps you to Easily Gain your Weight Naturally. Not only that it also Strengthen your nervous system. Similarly helps in the production of White Blood Cells.

Reason Seven

7. You can gain Iron from Bananas, that helps to overcome from Anemia.

Reason Eight

8. It is officially recognized by the FDA that Banana is rich in Potassium and Low Salt content. Similarly it able to Lowers Your Blood pressure effectively and protects against sudden Heart Attack and Strokes.

Reason Nine

10. Bananas can produce digestive enzymes which helps to absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat.

Reason Ten

Bananas cures your Diarrhea by restoring the electrolyte in your body.

Reason Eleven

13. Bananas are the Natural Antacid, that generally helps to provide relief from Acid Reflux, Heartburn and GERD.

Reason Twelve

15. Eating Organic Banana will helps to prevent disease like Kidney Cancer. Likewise it protects your eyes against Macular Degeneration. Finally builds Strong bones by increasing the Calcium Absorption in your body.

Reason Thirteen

16. Bananas gives you the alertness and make you even more smarter thinking. It helps to gain high level of Potassium content.

Reason Fourteen

17. Bananas are rich in Antioxidants. And most importantly providing protection from Free radicals and Chronic disease.

Reason Fifteen

18. Eating Bananas daily can stabilize your Blood Sugar and reduce Nausea from morning sickness.

Reason Sixteen

19. Rub over a Bug bite or hives with the inside of the slippery Banana Peel to relieve from itching and irritation.

Reason Seventeen

21. Eating Bananas on daily basis can helps to lower down your body temperature. It can also helps to get rid of from Fever.

Reason Eighteen

23.   Due to the presence of high levels of Vitamin B, Potassium and Magnesium, most probably, it can helps to Quit Smoking by organic means.

Reason Nineteen

24. Similarly it remove wart by placing the Banana Peel from inside against the wart and then tapping it over in that place.

Reason Twenty

25. For getting quick shine on your Leather Shoes and your Handbag, just you have to rub the Banana Peel from inside over the items and you are get to go.

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