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BACK PAIN : 3 Days Natural and Proven Health Treatment

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Friends, today I am going to tell you some very Beneficial Recipe of How To Get Rid of Back Pain in 3 Days. This problem can be of several types. Like Back or Lower Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Neck Pain, Hip Pain and Waist Pain. This problems of Back Pain has become commonplace nowadays. The problem increases with increasing age. Not only the people of the big age but the youth also complain of Back Pain.

Pain in the Waist or Back has become a common problem today. Because we work at home, and in office we keep sitting on the same chair for 9 hours. For many more reasons we have a Back Pain. The main reason for this is due to Non-Living Lifestyle and Wrong Physical activity. Most people feel pain in the middle of the Back or Spinal Cord. This pain can reach both parts of the Waist, Back and Hips.

And working with this problem becomes perilous. You can get relief from Back Pain by changing some of your habits. Today, we will tell you which Natural Home Remedies you can do and best for you, to get rid of Back Pain more easily. And also that will ease your Back Body Pain forever.

Why Is Back Pain ? Some Main Reasons Behind This.

  • 1) Excessive stress on muscle
  • 2) Overweight
  • 3) Wrongly sit
  • 4) Always wear high heels shoes or sandals.
  • 5) Wrong weight lifting
  • 6) Due to long illness in the body
  • 7) Sleep on a more softer bed

Home Remedies 18 Tricks To Avoid Back Pain Naturally

Tip 1 :

In the morning, add 3-4 Buds of Garlic and 1 teaspoon of Organic Nigella Seeds (Kalonji) into 1/2 Cup of Extra Virgin Organic Mustard Oil or you can use 100% Fresh Organic Coconut Oil . Then heat the oil until the Garlic Bud becomes Deep Brown in color. Again, leave this oil to be cold.

Tip 2 :

Add salt into the Boiled Water. Now sink the Soft Body Towel into the Hot Water and then squeeze it.  After this, lie down on the Stomach. Then steam with Towels at the painful Back Body Pain area. This is an effective way to get rid of Back Pain.

Tip 3 :

Put 2-3 tablespoon of Pure Organic Himalayan Rock Salt in the Embroidery and bake it well. Tie this salt into a thick cotton cloth and make a bundle of it. By applying this hot bundle of salt onto your waist or back, you will feel comforted of Back Pain. Remember, every time before applying the Salt Bundle, you will have to heat up this Bundle first.

Tip 4 :

Take and Roast Ajwain on low flame on the pan. Swallow it slowly after chewing. Its regular intake provides benefits and relief in your Lower Back Pain.

Tip 5 :

Do not work in the same position for a long time. Every forty minutes, get up from a chair and take a short stroll.

Tip 6 :

Do not sit and sleep in soft padded or soft seats sofa or bed for long. A patient with Back Pain should sleep on a soft hard bed.

Tip 7 :

Yoga also benefits in Back Pain. Bhujangasana, Salabhasana, Uttanpadasana, Halasan, Savasana, etc are some such yoga posture which benefits a lot in the Back Body Pain. Yoga should be done in the care and supervision of Yoga Guru, when you are doing it for the first time.

Tip 8 :

We all know that the Bone weakens due to the low Calcium intake. Therefore, eat as much Calcium as possible. And try to keep your back bone as straight as you can.

Tip 9 :

For Back Pain, you should do exercise daily. Such as Jogging, Swimming or Cycling. It will also lower your weight and you will also be rescued from your Back Body Pain.

Tip 10 :

Do not tilt the waist while lifting anything of heavy weight from the ground. Rather bend down by kneeling. Then get the object and stand up without bending your waist.

Tip 11 :

Do not sit back while working at the office. Keep your back on the chair in such a way that it’s always straight forward. To keep the neck straight, keep a thick Pillow behind your neck. By adopting all these measures, you can get rid of Back Body Pain only in a few days.

Tip 12 :

By taking Gwar Fali or Cluster Bean daily, your waist pain will disappear forever. So you should consume green vegetables and Guar Beans daily in your diet. If you have a problem of Back Pain, you should consume more and more green vegetables and juice daily.

Tip 13 :

If you wake up every morning and eat 2 Original and Natural Dates (Khajoor), then you will be able to recover from your Back Pain easily.

Tip 14 :

Consume by mixing Ginger juice with the Pure Cow Desi Ghee daily will make your Back Pain disappear. This is a good Ayurvedic treatment for Back Body Pain. If you do this daily, you will get relief from pain in your back. And your bones will becomes even stronger.

Tip 15 :

Using Fenugreek Seeds (Methi) daily in your diet will give you lot of relief from Back Pain. If you want, you can massage with Organic & Pure Fenugreek Oil by applying it on your waist or back. With this you can get rid of Back Pain forever. So from today, bring Fenugreek Oil  at home from Amazon online with the help of above given link and start applying it on your waist or back.

Tip 16 :

Mix 200 gm Milk with 5 gm of Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil and if you drink it twice a day, then you will be relieved of the Back Pain. And if you have problems with Slipped Disc then Castor Oil works very well for that too.

Tip 17 :

The Organic Sesame Oil (Til ka Tel) also helps you to overcome your Back Pain. Heat the Sesame Oil lightly and massage it on your waist. So til it also cures your Back Body Pain and Knee Pain. So from today, do your body massage well with the Sesame Oil.

Tip 18 :

So if you also want to remove the problem of your Back Pain sitting at home then definitely follow this tip. For this, you have to mix a little amount of Rock Salt inside the Hot Water. Then bath with this water every morning. By doing this treatment your waist pain will be permanently removed. Under the Nature Rock Salt, there is a quality that removes your Body Pain.


So these were some essential Home Remedies, which will help you overcome your Back Pain. So follow All these above mentioned Tips and Tricks from today and remove your Back Body Pain. Within 3 Days you will observed that your Back Body Pain will gone.

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