Arthritis Treatment In 2 Natural And Effective Way – 2018

Arthritis Treatment In 2 Natural And Effective Way - 2018
Arthritis Treatment In 2 Natural And Effective Way – 2018

Arthritis (arthritis), Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Arthritis Treatment In 2 Natural And Effective Way. And It can be seen in most people. Friends Arthritis is such a disease that most people in the world suffer from it. Nowadays, this disease also happens to small children. Mostly womens are suffering from these disease And at the last stage of age, this problem often happens to everyone. And some people also get this disease from some genetic causes. Means if anyone in the family has Arthritis disease then you too may be. In this RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) Factor becomes completely positive and as a result our bone becomes a scalp. The whole metabolism of the bones gets worse, the Osteoblast and Circa Cells are imbalanced and the complete metabolism of bone becomes disturbs and due to which our body gets infected inside and because of the infection the ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) also increases, Uric Acid also increases and because of the increased Uric Acid pain is caused.

What To Do For ?

If we talk about Allopathy then there is a painkillers for these disease as a remedy. The medicine that you take for pain management, with this you can decrease your joint pain a little bit but you cannot cure Arthritis as a whole. And therefore, there is no cure for Arthritis in Modern Medical Science, because no medicine is made for this. When too much pain increases, most of them give steroids as painkillers, and  by which the bones end. When too much Arthritis or Joint Pain increases, then the medicine that is given in Cancer, the same will be given to the Arthritis patients. When Arthritis grows further, swelling occurs on one and more of your Joints, then the gum falls, And this is what Arthritis called And the life of the person is stopped. So again the question arises, What To Do ?

2 Natural And Home Remedies For This.

First Way :

a) Take 1 Full TSP Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds and after that you have to soak the Fenugreek Seeds in 1 Big Cup of water for the whole night and drink it in the morning when the stomach is empty But do not swallow the Fenugreek Seeds, you have to eat the Fenugreek Seeds by chewing it because this is the way.  Do not take more than 1 Teaspoon of Fenugreek Seeds because Fenugreek is heat, and the body heats up by taking in more quantity. Those who have Ulcers, Acidity and Hemorrhoids should take them in small amount and quantity of Fenugreek (Methi).

b) Take 2 Garlic (Lehsun) Bud and then you have to eat it in the morning and evening in a empty stomach daily.

c) You should take Aloe Vera Juice daily. Aloe Vera juice is also very popular and beneficial for Arthritis (Gathiya) or Gout Disease. For that you have to take 4 Tablespoon Aloe Vera Juice 2-3 Times a day. One thing that specializes in care is to not eat sour food. You have to avoid some of your diet for this disease, do not eat more spicy food, eat plain food and also do not eat more heavy food.


Second Way :

If someone has very old in Arthritis, those who have problem while walking even from 10, 20, 30 years. So for them, I would like to say that you can also use the Parijat (Kintur) Tree Leaf. Friends now know how to identify Parijat (Kintur) Tree. This tree has a white flower and orange flower pendant. Flower smells very strong. Parijat (Kantoor) flowers bloom at night And in the morning they fall on the ground. The leaves of this tree is very easy to identify. When you touch its leaves you will feel like a thorn on it, or like a rough surface. You have to Take 6-7 Leaves of Parijat(Kintoor) and make a paste of it and add it into a glass of water, and then boil it until the water reach and remains half of the glass and then drink it in the morning in a Empty Stomach.

You can also make the paste and keep it in the night. That makes you easy to get in the morning. Keep in mind and make sure that you have to make a paste of Parijat (Kintur) leaves, not the flower. These remedies are only for those who have Arthritis too old And it’s been very long and it’s not getting better. For all of those, this remedy works like a nectar. And after taking it you do not have to take any other medicine. Because these measures or remedy are so strong that it is taken alone. There is no need to take anything along with it.

Take these measures for 3 Months and take a break for a few days, again start this method for 3 Months more. You will see the result is in your side. Most people get cured only in 1.5 Months. They have  3 months who have very rare cases.

Friends, you have to do one of the two methods mentioned above, along with you have to do Pranayama regularly. The name of 2 Pranayama is Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma. These two pranayam has to be done daily. If you want a good result then and desire to recover Arthritis. Whenever you are free, you have to do these two Pranayama for your Arthritis, for your Joint Pain. I would be good if you do it in the morning Because the percentage of pollution is less in the morning.

Friends, if you do this, then you will find that you have come Negative from your Positive RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) Factor, And your Uric Acid has become quite normal And ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) has also become quite normal. Your bone gets stronger and also you will get great benefit from this and thereby you will get rid of the problem of Arthritis (Gout) if you follow the measures mentioned above regularly and in right way.

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