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7 Food That You Should Never Eat After Reheat

Hello friends, welcome to “Blog Treasure”. Today in this article you would know about the harmful effects and consequences of eating food after reheat again. Eating hot food is a good thing. But you’ve heard and read many times and in many places that food should never eat by reheat again. By doing this, the Nutrients that are present in the food are destroyed. And also it starts such a chemical process that makes the food poisonous, which can harms and poison our body and family.

We use microwave oven for reheat the food because it is easier for us to do so. But it is proved in many of the researches that reheating some of you food item could be dangerous for our health.

There are some food which should be reheated and eaten again. But I would tell you about such 7 food items which you should never eat by reheat again. And I know that many people ignore this thing. And this is the reason that many people get food related illness.

Listing Of  The 7 Food That Should Not Be Reheat Again

Number 1 – Potato

Our first vegetables is Potato. We all love potato. This vegetables has many great properties. Different variety of Nutritious Nutrients are found in it which helps in making of our good health. But when we cook the potato again after cooking potato then all its beneficial properties is destroyed. And may cause harmful effects on our body.  Potato is full of starch and thus if we eat potato after reheat, overheat, deep fry, then it may cause cancer. Because after frying, heating, roasting, a chemical compound formed called Acrylamide which may further leads to the formation of Cancer cell.

Number 2 – Rice

Just like that in the second place, comes Rice. Friends, you might have heard that Rice should not eat raw. Because the Harmful Bacteria present in raw Rice can make us sick. Whenever you eat rice, always cook it. By doing so, all the germs and bacteria present in it dies. But after cooking, if it should be kept as it is then the formation of bacteria starts again. And then these germs never die again. Which can lead to a lot of disease.

Number 3 – Mashroom

When it comes to reheating Mushrooms are the most unhealthy ingredient. Therefore, mushrooms should always be eaten them right after it is being prepared. Mushroom vegetables should not stored in the refrigerator after being prepared. Try to eat them fresh after being prepared. Friends, this is very relevant vegetables / ingredients. And so it quickly rotates. Consume mushrooms by reheating again and again can cause Digestive problem or Indigestion and also Heart Issue.

Number 4 – Spinach (Palak)

Similarly, Spinach are also used in every household. The Spinach contains abundant amount of Nitrate. And if we warm up the Spinach again then the Nitrate present in it changes into Nitrites which becomes Carcinogenic and unhealthy for our body and health. It becomes a type of acid which does not leave food worth eating. And so do not reheat the Spinach vegetable again for eating. You should eat Spinach immediately after cooking.

Number 5 – Celery

In our number five countdown comes Celery. It is a kind of vegetable which is used in different purposes. Usually it is used for the preparation of sup, juice and healthy drinks. As like Spinach, it also contains Nitrate. And when the Nitrate gets heated and warm up it turns into Nitrites. Which is bad for our health.

Number 6 – Beetroots

As like Spinach and Celery the same things happens with the Beatroots. Friends Beetroots is a very healthy and beneficial food for all of us. We take Beetroots Vegetables as salad or after cooking. But if we eat Beetroot by warm it again and again then it could be harmful for us.

Number 7 – Chicken and Egg

If you reheat fried egg, boiled egg, scrambled egg and chicken or if you eat them after being prepared on the next day then be careful because it can cause digestive problems and lethal for our health and also is not edible. and is happens due to the changes which takes place in the structure of protein present in it after we reheat them. Friends Chicken contains much more protein as compared to red meat. So if possible then eat egg and chicken after it cools down to room temperature after it is being prepared. But if you want to reheat the chicken then you can do this at a very low flame or temperature for longer time.

Friends always keep this in mind that food should be eaten always fresh. Do not eat after heating again. Because if we do so then the nutrients present in the food destroyed and becomes worthless. As per Ayurveda, food should be eaten within 48 min of cooking.

Just like that there are some interesting things related to food that you need to know. Just like 90% of the diseases are caused by stomach only. And Constipation is the main reason of it. You can also know from here about How To Cure Constipation Problem. Do not drink water immediately after meals and do not even bathe also.

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